2 years of probation for volleyball’s Cho Jae-seong for corruption in military service with epilepsy… Law “I’m about to enlist”

 Professional volleyball OK Financial Group player Jo Jae-seong (28), who is accused of trying to avoid military service through a military service broker, received a suspended prison sentence in the first trial.

On the 24th, Judge Kim Yoon-hee of the 9th criminal division of the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced Cho, who was handed over to trial for violating the Military Service Act, to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation.

Judge Kim explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, “It is a first-time offender, and the investigative agency confessed to all the charges.”

“Cho’s lawyer insisted that he only wanted to postpone the enlistment date due to various difficult circumstances and had no intention to be exempted from military service. did not accept

At the time of his first physical examination in October 2014, Mr. Cho was judged as a first-class active duty officer, but in 2018, due to a skin disease (psoriasis), he was judged as a third-class active duty officer and delayed his enlistment.

Afterwards, in December 2020, after handing 50 million won to a military service broker, Mr. Gu Mo, and receiving counseling on how to avoid military service, he is accused of receiving a 4th grade supplemental service as a method of being diagnosed with fake epilepsy.

In the previous trial, the prosecution asked the judge, “It is necessary to severely punish the violation of the Military Service Act, but consider the fact that he confessed, and sentence him to one year.”

After the trial, Mr. Cho said, “What do you think about the outcome?”, “Do you have anything to say to the fans?”안전놀이터

Previously, before attending the trial that day, Mr. Cho replied, “I’m sorry” to the question, “What is your position on today’s sentencing?”

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