21 points despite sluggishness, the dignity of the ‘Rambo shooter’ at that time

In the meantime, countless players with the title of shooter have been pouring out in the domestic basketball world, regardless of whether it is a basketball party or KBL. In fact, it is also the most common type in terms of play style. Because shooting is the easiest (relatively) rebound compared to other stats, if you lack physical condition or athletic ability, the dependence on it may increase.

Of course, even if other weaknesses are great, if the strengths are so great, they can cover everything. However, looking at history, there are only a handful of cases where a player has been reborn as a star player with a single shot as a weapon. There were many cases where the existing strengths were eventually buried because they could not overcome other weaknesses such as height, mobility, defense, and athletic ability.

As can be seen from the nicknames such as ‘Rambo Shooter’ and ‘Dolphin Shooter’, Moon Kyung-eun (52‧190cm), head of KBL’s game headquarters, has earned a reputation as one of the best orthodox shooters in Korea. At the time, he was good in size and athletic ability, and he was evaluated as a versatile all-weather shooter with a good understanding of 2-on-2 play.

Moon Kyung-eun, such as her shooting form and play style, is evaluated as a textbook-like existence as a shooter. Even when he did not have the ball, he diligently searched for empty space and made efforts to preoccupy the best attacking spot on his own, and neutralized the opponent’s defense through quick shot timing. The evaluation of ‘the most ideal shooter’ did not come out for nothing.

Of course, all players are the same, but Moon Kyung-eun was not always good. There was also a game where he was not able to use his strength properly due to being blocked by the defense, and he ruined the game himself due to poor condition. As a player with a class, he gritted his teeth to play the minimum role as a shooter even in such situations. The match against Anyang SBS Stars (currently KGC) on February 7, 2002, when he played as a member of Incheon Shinsegi Bigs (currently Korea Gas Corporation), was exactly the same.

Compared to SBS, where Eun Hee-seok successfully launched a lay-up in front of Cho Dong-hyun and launched an attack, Shin Se-gi groaned from the first button as foreign player Johnny McDowell repeatedly committed traveling violations and touch-outs. Moon Kyung-eun succeeded in interception at the beginning of the game with a tight match of 4:4 and ran under the goal, but unfortunately the layup shot failed.안전놀이터

Of course, there was no mistake twice. In the next attack that followed, he received a pass from Hong Sa-bung and finished the fast break neatly with a reverse layup shot. Kim Seong-chul, matched up with Moon Kyung-eun, seemed to focus mainly on defense to block Moon Kyung-eun’s outside shots rather than on his own offense. As such, Mungyeong-eun’s role in the new century was very large. 

Due to Kim Seong-chul’s tenacious defense, Moon Kyung-eun seldom had an outside shot chance. It would have been an embarrassing situation if it was like in the Samsung days, but he was a little different in the new century. If his role on his previous team was a specialist perimeter shooter, he was just a main gun in New Century. In addition to receiving and eating plays, there were many times when he personally stepped forward and developed attacks.

As if proving this, Moon Kyung-eun changes his main choice to throw the ball into McDowell and Earl Ike under the goal. He was too good a shooter to be seen, but it was a scene that confirmed that he is a multi-talented player. When the outside shot slowed down due to Kim Seong-cheol’s defense, New Segi coach Yoo Jae-hak replaced Moon Kyung-eun at the end of the first quarter with Choi Byung-hun. He was contemplating taking a moment to catch his breath.

McDowell and Ike from New Century and Pernell Perry from SBS… , The main offensive routes of both teams were the power mercenaries’ competition under the goal, and the first quarter ended with SBS narrowly leading 22:20 in a slugfest. Moon Kyung-eun was blocked by Kim Seong-cheol and was pushed back even in the attack. A successful layup on the fast break was all that was scored.

Moon Kyung-eun gnashed her teeth to find a solution, such as scoring the first point in the 2nd quarter with a drive-in when there was no chance on the outskirts. In his days at Samsung, he had several teammates to score even if he wasn’t himself, but things were different in Shinsegi. When Moon Kyung-eun was blocked, there was no answer except for the two foreign players. Of course, the burden on McDowell and Ike was sure to increase.

The old man’s sense of responsibility was also seen in the way he tried to unravel the thread of the attack by breaking through under the goal following the dribble. Kim Seong-cheol, a 5-year-old match-up opponent, showed contrast by scoring points one after another with middle shots and free throws. He seemed to be getting better at shooting because of his better defense. To make matters worse, Mungyeong-eun, who was struggling, allowed Eun Hee-seok to intercept it, almost falling into it.

Moon Kyung-eun tried to pass McDowell too far outside the goal, but was out of breath and gave the wrong pass. Afterwards, he struggled to make a layup shot in the attack. The two new shooters contrasted strangely with Kim Seong-cheol, who mainly used middle shots, and Moon-gyeong, who scored only with layups, while outside shots did not match each other.

After a while, Moon Kyung-eun hesitated at the bottom of the goal, was stealed again by Eun Hee-seok, and made the mistake of allowing Perry a quick layup shot. The moment I wondered, ‘Can Rambo Shooter’s Vulcan Cannon be sealed?’, in a series of attacks, Moon Kyung-eun’s first 3-point shot of the day finally exploded. The cheers of the Shin Segi fans who were watching erupted loudly.

However, this day’s Mungyeong-eun was a little different from usual. Unlike when it exploded out of control once it exploded, in the next attack, the middle shot shot with Kim Seong-cheol was blown away with an air ball. The unknown cycle of sluggishness once, then recovering, and then recovering once, staggering the next time was repeated. Even McDowell, who is known as a great duo, did not work well. 

At 37:36, the first half ended with Shinsegi leading by one point, but until the first and second quarters, Moon Kyung-eun scored a total of 9 points, and only one successful 3-point shot was successful. Moon Kyung-eun’s ordeal continued in the second half. Shortly after starting, he committed the third foul while defending Eun Hee-seok. Even though he was not the main matchup opponent, he was often beaten by Eun Hee-seok that day.

However, Mungyeong-eun was a veteran shooter with a lot of experience and guts. He did not collapse easily even if the game did not unfold at his own pace, as he had not been plagued by fast and powerful defenders more than once or twice. In the ensuing attack, he neatly succeeded in his second 3-point shot and opened the breath of a counterattack.

In fact, on this day, Shinsegi was not only sluggish Mungyeong-eun. The overall team was not in good shooting condition, with other players missing easy outside chances. Had it not been for Hong Sa-bung and Choi Myeong-do, who was substituted, to score two successive 3-point shots from the side and tie the score at 64:64, it would have completely turned the tide.

Moon Kyung-eun made up her mind again and launched a counterattack. He scored his first point of the fourth quarter by throwing a middle shot near the free throw line. His role was even more important as McDowell committed a fourth foul and retired to the bench as soon as the fourth quarter began. Still, Kim Seong-cheol followed and harassed Moon Kyung-eun like a shadow.

However, unlike Moon Kyung-eun, she was not a ‘Rambo shooter’. At the moment of a tight confrontation with 74 to 74, he succeeds in a devastating third three-point shot that reverses the atmosphere. It flew like a thunderbolt without missing a minute gap in the intensive defense. Then, when the matchup opponent momentarily changed to Kim Hoon, he induced a foul while pretending to go under the goal, and he successfully made the resulting free throw. Finally, in Clutch Time, I wondered if Moon Kyung-eun was getting hotter.

However, the jagged condition of the day continued until the end. Moon Kyung-eun, who was leading by 3 points, committed an attacker foul on Eun Hee-seok about 1 minute and 30 seconds before the end, and cooled the atmosphere of the team that was about to heat up with her 4th foul. In the end, the seesaw game continued until the end, and the game ended with a one-point victory for Shinsegi, 83 to 82.

Moon Kyung-eun, who had a particularly difficult match, was not the main character of the game. However, despite being on a rollercoaster ride due to shot hunting and intensive defense, she succeeded in scoring a total of 21 points, including three 3-pointers, and once again showed the opposing team why we should be careful of Moon Kyung-eun even on a bad day. It’s an evaluation.

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