‘5 wins, 2 losses in May → 2 wins in a row’ is clearly on the rebound… Why is Hanwha Subero shock hard?

The Hanwha Eagles changed their manager after 31 games. Manager Carlos Subero has been sacked. They are cruising in May, so why did they decide to change the command tower at this point?

Hanwha announced the resignation of manager Subero on the afternoon of the 11th. Choi Won-ho, the futures (2nd team) league coach, was appointed as the official first team manager.

It is unusual.메이저놀이터 Looking back on the past, it is difficult to find cases where the first-team manager is announced on the day that the game is over, and that is also the day that the game is won and the winning series is over. Moreover, it was at the point of rebounding with 5 wins and 2 losses in May.

Even so, why did Hanwha announce the fact that coach Subero was sacked at this time?

The decisive reason for hard work is grades. There was a big difference in the views of the club and coach Subero in the direction of the ‘3rd year of rebuilding’. Now, it is necessary to get out of the rebuilding stage and play the game after firmly establishing the batting order and pitcher position, but the internal evaluation is that there are still many changes as in the first and second years.

In a phone call with My Daily, general manager Son Hyuk said, “After last season, there was a discussion within the club about the reappointment of coach Subero. I thought it would show the operation, but I still saw a part where the batting order or pitcher role had not been fully established.”

He said, “The decision was made before the game today. I thought it would be better to make an announcement quickly before this or that story comes out.”

According to general manager Sohn, it was the first time he discussed the termination of the contract with Subero when he fell into a pit of six straight losses from April 26 to May 2.

He expressed gratitude for the direction of development shown by coach Subero. General Manager Son said, “(Director Subero) is very grateful for taking over as coach during a difficult time and laying the foundation for rebuilding.” I am really grateful,” he said.

Regarding coach Choi Won-ho, who took the new baton, he said, “I have experience as an acting manager in 2020 and have spent a lot of time with the players currently in the first team.

[Directed by Carlos Subero. Head coach Subero and general manager Hyuk Son, head coach Subero and Chae Eun-seong are giving high fives.

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