76.75 points cut off last year… Cesar at the starting line for ‘remorse’

 The journey begins.

The women’s volleyball team, led by coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, meets Turkiye as its first opponent in the first week of the 2023 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) Women’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL) held in Turkiye Antalya on June 1 at 2 am (Korean time).

Turkiye is ranked 7th in the FIVB ranking (299.02 points), which is higher than Korea (23rd). It is ahead of Korea in terms of objective power including height and power. Korea met Türkiye in last year’s World Championship group B group and lost 3-0 with a set score. At that time, Korea collapsed without even reaching 20 points in the third set.

He struggled with strong serve. Türkiye allowed 10 serve goals. As the receive was shaking, it was not easy to find a way to attack. The highest scorer in the team was outside hitter Park Jung-ah with 9 points. That’s how he struggled with the serve, height, and power.

This time, I’m going to challenge my greed. A large number of ‘new faces’ joined. More than half of them have joined Cesar, including setters Kim Ji-won and apositive spiker Moon Ji-yoon, outside hitters Kim Mi-yeon and Kim Da-eun, and liberos Moon Jeong-won and Shin Yeon-kyung. As there are many young resources, attention is focused on ambitious play.

‘Speed’ also comes to mind as a keyword. Coach Cesar emphasized one tempo fast play to the players. Due to the nature of international competitions, where they are forced to lose in height and power, Korea must compete with quick play based on basic skills and organizational skills.

The women’s volleyball team has been on a downward slope since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), middle blockers Kim Su-ji (Heungkuk Life Insurance), and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C) returned the Taegeuk mark and stood at the starting line of the ‘generational change’, but last year at VNL, they were disgraced by losing all 12 matches. .

This VNL is more important because world ranking points are reflected. Starting with the 2024 Paris Olympics, the FIVB changed the rules for participating in the Olympics. A total of 12 countries, including the host country France, will advance to the finals, including 6 countries that have passed the Olympic qualifiers and 5 countries selected according to the FIVB world rankings. The continental qualifiers, which Korea used as the last bastion for participating in the Olympics, have disappeared.

The national team lost 63.11 points in rankings last year as they suffered 12 consecutive losses in the VNL. Including the world championships, the score is 85.34. However, while decorating the last match against Croatia with a victory (8.59 points), the final score fell to 76.75 and settled in 23rd place (148.84 points).메이저사이트

Fortunately, in the Continental Preliminary Tournament to be held in September this year, up to the 24th place in the rankings, including the organizing countries (Japan, China, and Finland), Cesarho can participate in the tournament with a chin-up. Twenty-four countries compete for six Olympic tickets in the event. The remaining 5 cards will be taken by the top 5 teams as of the end of the 2024 VNL qualifying round.

This is why it is necessary to steadily accumulate ranking points in order to secure the right to participate in the Paris Olympics.

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