A DB that starts anew under director Kim Joo-sung’s stay, embraces Kim Young-hyeon and Seo Min-soo

DB prepares for a new start.

DB had a rough time last season. They have been on a two-game losing streak since the beginning of the season. After that, they recorded 5 consecutive victories, but the condition of the main players was still poor. Even the wounded came out there. This is the reason why DB fell into the lower ranks.

And during the last season, DB faced a big change. This is because coach Lee Sang-beom, who led the team for a long time, left the team. The successor was DB franchise star coach Kim Joo-seong. Although he was an acting manager at the time, he gradually put his own color on the team. It was successful and showed the potential to record 5 consecutive wins at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, however, the difference between the games that had already taken place was too great and they failed to advance to the playoffs, but they prepared for the next season by appointing a ‘triple post’ until the end of the season.

The off-season greeted like that. DB appointed director Kim Joo-sung as the official director. In addition, coach Han Sang-min was recruited. Coach Han is a veteran coach who has been in Seoul SK for 14 years. He is a coach who can lighten the shoulders of rookie coaches.

There was no major change in the composition of the team, but real players were recruited. In DB, Kim Hyeon-ho (184cm, G) and Yoon Seong-won (196cm, F) were released as free agents. DB signed a new contract with Kim Hyun-ho the fastest. Afterwards, he did not sign a contract with Yoon Seong-won, but he recruited Seo Min-soo (197cm, F) and Kim Young-hyeon (186cm, G) to complete the composition of the team.

Seo Min-soo is a versatile forward who can even score outside goals despite his height. He’s a versatile player, although he didn’t get much playing time in the second half of last season. In particular, Seo Min-soo had experience playing for DB in the past and playing as a player with coach Kim. This is why Seo Min-soo can quickly adapt to DB.

Kim Young-hyeon was a player who was in charge of the defense of Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan. In his last season, he had the best season of his career, even installing his outside shot. He was also selected as the 5th defensive girl. He fully proved his worth and headed to DB.

Lee Seon Albano (185cm, G),메이저사이트 Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G), Kang Sang-jae (200cm, F), and Kim Jong-gyu (207cm, C), who are selected as the main players of the DB, are still threatening players. And Kim Young-hyeon and Seo Min-soo, who have newly joined the team, are resources that can fully support them. This is why DB’s next season is expected. 

The key is the health of key players. The reason DB was shaken last season was because of injuries. In particular, Doo Kyung-min is a player who has played an average of 32 games over the past two years. In addition, Kim Jong-kyu and Kang Sang-jae also suffered from injuries during the last season. In the next season, it is a DB that can succeed in restoring honor only when it shows a healthy appearance.

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