‘Ace Junsu Lee’ Gyeong Woon-joong won the 2nd DGB Financial Group Chairmanship Award

Gyeongwoon Middle School (Principal Cho Yong-deuk) has risen to the top of the 2nd DGB Financial Group President Amateur Baseball Championship. 

After defeating Dalseo Gaon Club and Gyeongsang Middle School in succession, Kyung Woon Middle won the championship by defeating Daegu Middle School 7-0 in the U-16 middle school final held at the Daegu Civil Stadium baseball field on the 15th. 

Ace Lee Jun-su, Lim Hwi-yoon (pitcher), and Seo Dong-wan (catcher) were outstanding until Kyung Woon-jung reached the top of this tournament. As a result, Kyungwoonjung achieved the feat of winning the local competition for the second consecutive year after the 38th Daegu Metropolitan City Baseball Association long-term elementary and middle baseball tournament last year. 

Head coach Kwak Dong-hyeon said, “I am most happy that our players, who had lost a lot of confidence due to poor physical condition, were able to smile widely after winning the championship.” He added, “I want to convey the glory of winning to parents who always devote themselves to the players. I am particularly grateful to principal Cho Yong-deuk and baseball manager Jang Ho-seok.” 

Head coach Kwak Dong-hyun also said, “I will prepare well so that I can demonstrate my excellent skills in the upcoming National Middle School Baseball Championship.” 

Kyung Woon-jung,메이저놀이터 who won the championship, held a prize party. Ace Lee Jun-su and catcher Seo Dong-wan received scholarships. Seo Dong-wan enjoyed the honor of receiving the best catcher award. Park Do-hyun took first place in batting average, and Jung Joo-pil took first place in RBI and second place in batting average. Park Gun-min ranked second in RBI.  

Meanwhile, the DGB Financial Group Chairman Baseball Tournament is a competition that DGB Financial Group started in 2022 to expand the base of local amateur baseball and improve the skills of student players. 

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