Anyang KGC and Seoul SK unveil similar championship game plans for ‘finishing in the 5th game’

Anyang KGC and Seoul SK will clash in the ‘2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’ championship match (4 out of 7). It’s 2 seasons in a row. On the 23rd, two days before the first game, a Media Day event was held at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, attended by both coaches and two representative players. KGC coach Kim Sang-shik (55), Byun Jun-hyung (27), Omari Spellman (26), Seoul SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol (50), Kim Seon-hyung (35), and Jamil Warney (29) were seated.

A common question was given to six people. The question was, “How many games do you expect to end?” Six people indicated with their fingers. Excluding Spellman, who expected Game 6, 5 players predicted that Game 5 would be a different joy. The desire to end the series early was revealed.

Coach Kim, who took first place in the regular league and is challenging for the combined championship, took the microphone first. “In my heart, there is a wish that it will be over after only 4 games,” he said with a smile, “We are the regular league championship team. In the regular league, he showed a strong performance against SK. I will finish it within the 5th game,” he said with strength.

This time, the former director stepped in. He said, “I didn’t want to raise my hands at first,” and he first revealed that he was not expecting more than the 6th game. Continuing, “The schedule for this championship game has changed due to circumstances at Jamsil Student Gymnasium, our home stadium. 3 games from 3 to 5 are played at home. I wanted to win at home, so I (expected) the 5th game. We don’t want KGC to win at our home stadium,” he explained. Then, recalling the situation of the team that has been playing since the 6th round playoff (PO), saying, “If we go until the 7th game, our team players may collapse,” he emphasized, “So we must finish the 5th game unconditionally.”

It is difficult for Choi Jun-yong, one of SK’s key resources, to participate in this series. He struck out from the PO in the 6th round, but the injured heel is still not fully healed. Participating in the championship itself is a difficult atmosphere. SK finished the 6th PO and 4th PO with 3 wins, so it took a long time to recharge, but if the championship match is prolonged, it will inevitably be at a disadvantage. There are not enough available resources.

KGC, who went directly to the PO of the semifinals as the top player in the regular league, played only 4 games and stepped on the stage of the championship game. Moreover, KGC is in an advantageous position thanks to its sufficient arrangement of the stamina of the main players, such as using a large number of sixth men during the PO of the quarterfinals.

Last season,안전놀이터 SK lifted the championship trophy with 4 wins and 1 loss. The 5th game was held at home, and there was a toast in the home room. KGC seeks revenge for the defeat last season. In addition, SK wants to repay the debt owed to KGC in the final of the 2023 East Asian Super League (EASL) held in Japan during this season. Both teams will enter the championship game as challengers. I wonder if the series will end early, like the expectations and hopes of the coaches and players of both teams, or if it will lead to more than 6 games in a fierce aspect.

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