Because of ‘229 billion’… “Conte will not be there next season”

According to the British media ‘Express’ on the 5th (Korean time), Gabriel Agbonlaher, who played an active part in the English Premier League (PL), will not remain at Tottenham Hotspur next season for the reason of ‘150 million pounds 메이저놀이터 (about 229 billion won) by manager Antonio Conte. claimed it wouldn’t.

Tottenham prepared for the restart schedule through intensive training during the World Cup break, but soon faced a crisis. They only added one point from their first two games after the break.

Above all, it was pointed out as a big problem with the insecurity of the defense. As the pattern of first goals pointed out before the break continued, the ranking fell to 5th place.

In that sense, the previous match against Crystal Palace was a great comfort for Tottenham. As the team scored 4 points and won without conceding a single point, the record for consecutive game first goals was also broken.

However, the concern about defense has not completely disappeared. Conte is still looking to strengthen the defense and is said to be looking to sign defenders in the January transfer window.

But there is a long way to go. Agbonlaher believes Conte will want to spend at least another £150m to bolster the leaky defence.

“Conte will look at his defenders and feel they need at least £150m worth of reinforcements. Their back is not enough,” he said.

Tottenham’s defense is so imperfect that it will take them a long time to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the title. Agbonlaher, however, shook his head, saying Conte did not have the patience to complete such a long-term project.

“I don’t think Conte will be Tottenham again next season,” he said.

Conte’s contract expires this summer. It is said that he started full-scale contract renewal negotiations from last month, but no word has been heard about an agreement yet.