Chairman Shin Tae-yong of Indonesia who wants to hold on to him, “We need to talk about renewing the contract.”

Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) President Eric Tohir hinted that he would discuss renewing the contract with Indonesian national football team coach Shin Tae-yong.

Indonesian media <Tempo> reported that Thohir said in a press conference that he would soon hold negotiations to extend the contract with the new coach. Shin’s contract expires in December. He originally planned to step down after serving as the Indonesian command tower until this year after decorating the 2023 FIFA Indonesia U-20 World Cup, which was originally scheduled to be held in Indonesia this year.

However, all plans went awry when Indonesia returned the right to host the U-20 World Cup to FIFA due to public opinion that it would not accept the Israeli squad. To make matters worse, Indonesia has qualified for the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup, which will be held in Qatar in January 2024. Whether or not to renew the contract with the new coach is bound to become the hottest issue in the Indonesian soccer world.

Chairman Tohir said, “The contract with the new coach is until the end of the year. The U-20 World Cup was the main goal, but it failed (for external reasons). We have to look at the future. There is the AFC Asian Cup in January.” “I have to talk to the manager. I want to sit down and talk with the new manager about how we should prepare and what our goals are.”

In Indonesia’s situation, they want to hold on to the new coach regardless of whether or not the U-20 World Cup ended unfortunately. Coach Shin not only prepared for the U-20 World Cup, but also led the A national team to achieve desired results. Even advancing to the Asian Cup as mentioned earlier was the first time in 18 years that they had reached the final thanks to Shin’s leadership. Many Indonesian fans believe that director Shin has had a lot of influence on Indonesia.

However, it is not a matter that can be easily decided in the position of the new director. Director Shin is a leader who can still be active on the top-class stage in Korea.스포츠토토 Competing in the Asian Cup finals in January is an enticing challenge, but renewing the contract for the tournament, which takes place right after his contract expires, could limit his maneuverability. What choice will the new director make?

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