“Children, the captain has come” Choi Young-joon, a ‘strong leader’ who returned to Jeju after 5 months, will it signal a rebound?

At the end of July, when the Coupang Play series was in full swing, a special ‘gift’ arrived in Jeju. “Captain” Choi Yeong-jun (31) returned to the Seogwipo clubhouse on July 25 after a hiatus of 5 months and reunited with his teammates. On February 26, he injured his cruciate ligament in his right knee in the early stages of the opening game of the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon FC, and he continued to rehabilitate. He injured a fatal part on a soccer player, raising the possibility of a season out. However, he was able to return to the team sooner than expected after demonstrating his will to rehabilitate with the goal of ‘return within the season’.

Choi Young-joon’s joining is like recruiting. Choi Young-joon played a role that was close to ‘irreplaceable’ in Jeju last season. True to his nickname of ‘Ngolo Kante of the K-League’, he worked hard to dominate the midfield with a lot of activity and took the lead in protecting the defense. Lee Chang-min, who is good at game coordination, and Kim Bong-su, who is equipped with the ability to release pressure, were able to shine because Choi Yeong-jun endured in the third line. The reason why Jeju lost 3 draws and 6 draws in the last 9 matches is that key midfielders such as Choi Yeong-joon, Koo Ja-cheol (injured) and Lee Chang-min (enlisted) were missing one after another.

Choi Young-joon’s return does not mean that he will return to actual combat right away. Choi Young-joon, who is known to be training for running in sneakers, is expected to return in October at the earliest. However, the Jeju club believes that Choi Young-joon’s existence itself can be a great force for the team. Choi Young-Jun is a typical leader type of player, although his skills are also his skills. An official from Jeju said Choi Young-joon is a player who “knows how to listen to the stories of his juniors and conveys the players’ requests to the coaching staff.” The players waited patiently for Choi Young-joon to return. On the day of the game, he always wore Choi Young-joon’s number 6 uniform. This is the part where you can expect that the atmosphere in the locker room will change just by Choi Young-joon’s presence.메이저사이트

Right now, we have to get out of the second crisis of the season without Choi Young-jun on the ground. Jeju signed midfielder Kim Gun-woong and veteran defender Lim Chang-woo in the summer transfer market. The shoulders of the ‘young midfielder trio’ such as ‘average age 23.6 years old’ Kim Bong-soo, Ki-hyeok Lee and Gun-woong Kim are heavy. “Average age 31.3” Koo Ja-cheol Choi Young-joon Lee Chang-min and other veteran midfield trio should minimize the gap. The icing on the cake is if Choi Young-joon, who has returned, does ‘tutoring’ next to him. Jeju will call Gangwon home on the 6th to play the 25th round.

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