China announces World Cup camp roster including Zhou Qi and Wang Jerin… Promotion of evaluation matches with European powerhouses

China has announced the World Cup camp roster.

On the 16th (Korean time), FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) released a list of 18 Chinese camps participating in the 2023 FIBA ​​Men’s Basketball World Cup on its official website, and also posted an interview with Chinese coach Alexander Jorgevic.먹튀검증

The Chinese Basketball Association will convene 18 people included in the camp roster on the 23rd and train at Qingdao Guosin Gymnasium until July 6th. A large number of players representing China, such as Zhou Qi and Wang Jerin, were included in the camp roster.

FIBA said, “Veterans like Zhou Qi and Wang Jerin are certain to play in the World Cup, but coach Jorgevic wants all players to focus on camp and show their value.”

Coach Jorgevic also said, “The national team can become stronger only when we create an internal competition. I hope all of the players on the roster realize that they have shown their worth against the competition in the league. It is natural for them to be included in the national team camp, and we want them to prove that our choice was right. Everyone is given a chance, and each person will undergo training that suits their athletic ability.”

What coach Jorgevic emphasized was defense. “The top priority is to solidify our defense based on our players’ ability to read the game and their basketball IQ,” said coach Jorgevic. I believe that all players will come to the camp with a sense of mission for the international competition. You should not dwell on past World Cup results or worry about an uncertain future. We have to focus on the present, every day.”

China was placed in Group B along with Serbia, Puerto Rico and South Sudan in the World Cup, and plans to improve its performance by playing warm-up games with European powers before the World Cup. “I want to play against Slovenia, Germany and Italy,” said Jorgevic. If we play a friendly match in Europe, we will be able to achieve good results in preparation for the World Cup.”

China 2023 Basketball World Cup Camp Roster
Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Jianlin, Pu Hao, Cheng Shuai, Yu Jiahao, Sunminghui, Zhu Hoonrong, He Jinkyu, He Xining, Zhou Feng, Zhao Rui, Humingshen, Durenwang, Fang Shuo, Zheng Panbo, Cui Yongxi, Wang Jelin, and Zhou Qi

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