Cho So-hyun + Lee Geum-min double multi-goal’ Korea, 5-2 come-from-behind victory over Zambia 

Belho won the first warm-up match against Zambia ahead of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup.

The Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, won a 5-2 come-from-behind victory thanks to multiple goals from Jo So-hyun and Lee Geum-min in the first leg of a friendly match against Zambia held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 7th.

Korea went with a 3-5-2 formation. Goalkeeper Kim Jeong-mi put on gloves, and Hong Hye-ji, Lim Seon-joo, and Kim Hee-ri made up the back three. Seulgi Jang and Hyojoo Choo played wingbacks. 

Geum-Min Lee, Yun-Ji Kim, and So-Hyun Jo centered in the midfield, and Hwa-Yeon Son and Seol-Bin Jeong attacked first in the front line. 

Zambia faced off with a 4-4-2 formation. In addition to goalkeeper Musonda Catherine, the defense consisted of Siampuco Esther, Zulu Paulin, Tembo Marta and Muesa Agnes. 

The midfield was defended by Chanda Grace, Katongo Evarin, Rungu Irene, and Kundananji Rachel, while Vanda Barbra and Natula Rachel came out to score.

Korea seized the opportunity first. In the 2nd minute, Hyo-Joo Choo crossed two players on the left flank, and Seol-Bin Jung tried to shoot from the other side, but it flew high.

In the 14th minute, in a situation where it became a loose ball after a corner kick, Cho So-hyun’s shot hit the crossbar.

Cho So-hyun finally shook the net. In the 24th minute of the first half, in a short corner kick situation, Jo So-hyun received Kim Hye-ri’s cross from inside the box and scored the first goal with a calm shot.

Zambia stepped up and equalized.

With one man missing due to injury, Korea gave away a quick attack switch in the 37th minute, and the left flank collapsed. A chaotic situation took place inside the box. Kundananji kicked high and kicked into the empty goal from goalkeeper Kim Jung-mi.

In Korea, Ga-Ram Chun’s early cross, which was put in as a substitute in the first half, was headed by Geum-Min Lee, but it went straight to the goalkeeper, leaving regret. 

And in the defensive situation that followed, Barba pushed a cross from the right and succeeded in reversing. 

In the second half, Korea took out Jeong Seol-bin and put in Park Eun-sun to make a difference.

Korea tied the score after a fierce midfield battle. In the 12th minute of the second half, in a free kick situation, Lee Geum-min received Park Eun-sun’s header pass and penetrated into the box. Lee Geum-min calmly put his feet up, and the goalkeeper couldn’t react and shook the net.

In the attack situation that followed two minutes later, Cho So-hyun attempted a mid-range shot and hit the crossbar for the second time in the first half.

Lee Geum-min even made a comeback. In the 16th minute of the second half, after blocking the opponent’s goal kick, Lee Geum-min, who received the pass, tried to break through the dribble himself and succeeded in turning the goal with a sharp right-footed shot from the center of the box.

In the 39th minute of the second half,온라인카지노 Cho So-Hyun received a cross from the right and calmly pushed it into the box to put a wedge in the game.

South Korea, who had a two-goal lead, took advantage of a mistake by the opponent’s goalkeeper in the second half of extra time and Park Eun-sun pushed the ball to finish the game.

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