‘Competition to win’ Leading Man City or Arsenal… Only 1 point difference

Will Manchester City, who are ahead by one point, consolidate their lead? Will Arsenal, which has been lagging behind, succeed in regaining first place?

Man City, who is close to winning the 22-23 PL, challenges Everton to solidify its lead. Manchester City are on a 10-game winning streak, starting with Bournemouth in February. Man City, who is in the lead with 82 points, continues its winning streak and wants to overtake Arsenal (81 points), which is chasing with a difference of 1 point. Meanwhile, Arsenal, who is trying to recapture first place, brings home seventh place Brighton.

Man City, who digested the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid during the week, are aiming for victory immediately away from Everton. Man City succeeded in recapturing the leading position with a 13-game unbeaten run in the league with a perfect balance of offense and defense. Arsenal, who recorded 81 points in 35 games, took advantage of the victory by raising 82 points in 34 games, one less game.먹튀검증

However, the variable is the physical part and the tough schedule. After the Everton expedition, we meet Real Madrid (Champions League) and Chelsea at home, leaving the last schedule for Brighton and Brentford away matches. Can Man City, which is challenging for the PL champion for three consecutive seasons, solidify its lead in the remaining schedule? Man City has won 6 consecutive wins in the Everton expedition, but it is expected that a fierce game will unfold as Everton also has to survive in the relegation competition.

Arsenal, aiming to recapture the lead, will challenge for three consecutive wins. With defensive anxiety, he recorded 3 draws and 1 loss in 4 matches against Liverpool, but succeeded in rebounding by defeating Chelsea and Newcastle in turn. After facing Brighton in the 36th round, Arsenal will travel to Nottingham and play a home game against Wolverhampton in the final round. Can Arsenal, who has secured stability in defense after winning 9 games without conceding, can win all remaining games to win the league for the first time in 19 years. Arsenal won the league match between the two teams this season, but Brighton recently won two matches in a row at Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home ground.

22-23 Which team, Manchester City or Arsenal, will occupy the top of the table after the end of round 36 of the PL? The Everton vs. Man City match starts at 10:00 pm on Sunday the 14th, followed by the Arsenal vs. Brighton match kick-off at 0:30 am on Monday the 15th.

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