Crowd intrusion at Australia’s professional football Melbourne derby

Spectators stormed the ground in the Australian Professional Football A-League.

‘ESPN’ reported on the crowd disturbance that occurred on the 17th in local time at the ‘Melbourne Derby’ between Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City held at AAMI Park in Malvern, Victoria, Australia.

On this day, fans of both teams started throwing red flames into the stadium around 20 minutes into the game. In the process, the atmosphere started to get rough when Malvern City goalkeeper Tom Glover threw the prominence back towards the crowd where the opposing team’s Victory fans were.

Enraged by this, Victory fans began to storm the field. Glover was hit in the head with a metal trash can thrown by a fan and left the arena bleeding.

Players and referees from both teams left the field as if they were running away, and fans continued to riot by destroying billboards and goalposts. 토토사이트 The match was eventually stopped. For the first time in A-League history. According to Victoria Police, between 150 and 200 Victory fans stormed the stadium. Glover and a TV cameraman named Alex King are injured after being hit by a prominence. No one was arrested at the scene, but an investigation is said to be ongoing.

In a statement, the Victory club apologized to “everyone who witnessed these horrific actions”, including the injured Glover, King, and the referees who were threatened by fans.

The Australian Professional Footballers’ Union demanded strict punishment, saying, “The strongest action must be taken against fans who invaded the field and inflicted violence on players, referees and broadcasters.”

This situation was somewhat predictable. Supporters of both teams had announced a protest against the recent decision of the Australian Professional Football League (APL) to hold the ‘Grand Final’, the final match of men’s and women’s professional football, in Sydney for the next three seasons.

With this decision by the APL, fans are deprived of the opportunity to watch the team they support win. Not only fans, but also players such as striker Craig Goodwin of the Australian national team expressed opposition.

In other stadiums, the method was different, but protests against this decision continued. Australian national team goalkeeper Danny Vukovic wrote on social media that “Australian football has experienced one of the darkest days”, revealing his hit.

The A-League is operated separately from the Australian Football Association, but the authority to operate referees and regulate games rests with the association. Accordingly, the Australian Football Association announced an investigation into the incident. Depending on the outcome, disciplinary action is expected.