“Did you miss Luchinski that much?” NC, the only foreign player not to be formed, is there a foreign pitcher yet?

All other teams completed their formation before the end of the year, but only the NC Dinos passed the year. NC has not yet been able to solve the pitcher single digit puzzle in the composition of foreign players.

It is the replacement outside pitcher for Drew Luchinski, who has played the role of an ace by supporting the team for the past four years.

NC replaced all foreign pitchers in preparation for the 2023 season. Matt Dermody and Nick Martini, who replaced Wes Parsons, were meant to be replaced from the start, but Luczynski was eager to catch them.

Luchinski received $2 million ($300,000 contract fee, $1.6 million annual salary, $100,000 in incentives), the highest among 30 foreign players in the 2022 KBO League. In the 2022 season, he went 10-12 (ERA 2.97), so there is no increase factor, but he could still keep $2 million if he renews his contract.

However, Luchinski refused to stay in NC and turned to the United States. He signed a 1+1 year, $8 million contract with the Oakland Athletics, with a $5 million club option on a one-year, $3 million guarantee. Depending on his performance in the 2023 season, his contract will be extended for another year and his salary will be significantly increased. It is four times the amount of the KBO league.

Perhaps because the news of Luchinski’s trip to the United States came late, the composition of foreign pitchers in preparation for NC’s 2023 season was also slow compared to other teams.

It was not too late for NC to sign Jason Martin on December 9, as a substitute for hitter Nick Martini, for a total of $1 million (a contract fee of $180,000, an annual salary of $720,000, and an incentive of $100,000).

And on December 20, the day before Luchinski signed a contract with Oakland after there was no news for more than 10 days, Eric Peddy, who spent four years as a full-time major league starter, also received a foreign rookie maximum of $1 million (a contract fee of $200,000, an annual salary of $200,000). 800,000 dollars).

Eric Peddy received a notice of release from the Washington Nationals after the 2022 season, but considering that he is still a young 29-year-old and has played an active role as the 5th starter in Washington’s World Series victory in 2019, it is the same as recruiting a top-notch major league pitcher. He appeared in 102 career games 안전놀이터 (88 starts) in the major leagues, going 21-33 (5.41 earned run average) in 454⅓ innings. He is considered a good enough replacement for Luchinski.

Then, on December 27, just before the end of the year, SSG Landers, like Luchinski, dreamed of returning to the major leagues and returned to the United States as a replacement foreign pitcher for Wilmer Font. Upon recruitment, all nine teams except for NC completed the composition of foreign players in preparation for the 2023 season.

After all, the year has passed, but there is nothing to be a problem. We still have about a month left to start spring camp. In particular, NC plans to hold this year’s spring camp at Reid Park and Annex Fields in Tucson, Arizona, USA from the 29th. If you sign a contract, you can join the spring camp right from the United States, so there is no great difficulty in matching your breath with the opening of the season.

NC is already negotiating with a specific pitcher, but it is known that the contract is being delayed due to some differences in negotiations. However, concerns remain that if this negotiation fails, the recruitment of foreign pitchers will be delayed, and moreover, pitchers may not be recruited as expected.

After the first win in the 2020 season, NC failed to advance to the postseason for two consecutive years. And the leading players in the championship, Na Seong-beom and Yang Eui-ji, left the team every other year. Therefore, in the 2023 season, there is no choice but to put more expectations on the performance of foreign players. Maybe that’s why foreign player contracts are proceeding more carefully than ever before.