Dunamu, who joined hands with Kim Min-jae’s Napoli, listed 7 ‘soccer fan tokens’

Dunamu, which has partnered with Napoli, a prestigious Italian football club where player Kim Min-jae is playing, listed seven types of Chiliz fan tokens en masse.

On the 5th, Upbit announced that it would support new transactions of 7 types of Chiliz fan tokens in the Bitcoin (BTC) market through an announcement.

The 7 types of fan tokens listed on Upbit are △ACM (AC Milan) △AFC (Arsenal) △ATM (Atletico Madrid) △BAR (FC Barcelona) △CITY (Manchester City FC) △INTER (Inter Milan) △NAP ( Naples).

These tokens are fan tokens issued by Chiliz, a global sports blockchain, based on an exclusive contract with each club for a certain period of time.

The fan token is a utility token that gives fans the right to participate in the club’s decision-making by owning the token. In actual clubs, various decisions of the club are delegated to fan token voting using smart contracts, and token holders’ decisions on the voted agenda are followed.

In addition, Chiliz-based fan tokens are also used as club membership points in Chiliz’ Socios apps and services. You can also get various rewards such as VIP goods, fan shop, and NFT products.

Transaction 토토 support for the token began at 5:00 p.m. As of 5:35 p.m. on the same day, among the 7 types of fan tokens, the Naples fan token is on the rise. The Naples fan token is trading at 0.00036219 (7800) won, rising by 46% in about 35 minutes after the start of trading.

However, Upbit also informed about investment risks, saying that the transaction may be exposed to rapid market price fluctuations due to speculative demand and changes in domestic and foreign regulatory environments.

In addition, investors need to pay attention to their deposits. Since Upbit only supports deposits for Chiliz-based fan tokens, investors should be careful about deposits through other networks such as ERC-20 or BSC.

Meanwhile, Upbit will also hold a Chiliz-based fan token event that supports new transactions to commemorate the partnership with Naples.

Upbit will select 10 members who have traded 0.05 BTC or more of Chiliz Fan Token, which supports new transactions, in the bitcoin market by the 6th and deliver Kim Min-jae’s uniform as a prize. In addition, virtual asset Chiliz is also paid to the top 10 trading price rankings. 390,000 chilies will be paid to the first place in the trading price ranking.

In addition, a total of 10 types of prizes, including one autographed Kim Min-jae uniform and nine famous club goods, will be randomly given to 10 winners through a random draw for members who have deposited the seven types of Chiliz fan tokens.