Even if you don’t curse, the players follow… To protect children who play baseball [K-baseball stereotype

The phrase ‘the future of Korean baseball is dark’ came out 10 years ago when he was eliminated in the first round of the WBC. Now, it is possible to say that nothing has changed since then, but 10 years from now, even such worries may be a luxury. This is because there may be a situation where you have to worry about the survival of the KBO league due to a lack of players.

The youth baseball world now feels that the number of players is decreasing. In addition to elementary school baseball clubs, the number of places where you can play baseball increased as little baseball teams and youth clubs were created. Instead, the number of children playing baseball has decreased for various reasons, such as a decrease in the birth rate and outdoor activities that have shrunk under the influence of Corona 19. noticeably.

Instead of the cynical approach of ‘unavoidable’, I listened to the stories of baseball players trying to find their own solutions. They have in common that they allow children to enjoy baseball in a free atmosphere, breaking away from the stereotype that ‘discipline must be held’.

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The decrease in the number of students is a concern of all elementary school leaders. However, there are some teams that are holding up well even in these adverse conditions. It is also similar in that it helps child players enjoy baseball on their own in a free atmosphere rather than holding discipline.

Seongnam Sujin Elementary School overcame the collapse crisis. It is the result of the principal’s support and the coach’s efforts. Sujin Elementary School coach Kim Jeong-rok said, “I worked as a coach at Yushin High School and first came here in the fall three years ago, but there were only two baseball members left except for the 6th graders. It was difficult to start with nine people. After that, we went in and out, and now we are 17.”

After experiencing high school baseball in Korea and college baseball in Japan, coach Kim Jeong-rok returned to Korea and played for Goyang Wonders and Nexen Heroes. From his hell training to self-training, in order to apply his various experiences as a player to the field, he shook off the dissuading people around him and moved to Sujincho.

He said, “I try to create autonomy and self-growth. I work hard when I do, but I have a freer side than other schools. When I first tried it, I wasn’t sure if the team would do well, but now I see the players trying to do better. “he said.

Baekma Elementary School is famous as a team that does not give coercive guidance even though it consistently reaches the semifinals of the competition area. Baekmacho coach Maeng Il-hyuk said, “This year is the 10th year. At first, there were not many people, but after 2-3 years, the number increased and steadily maintained more than 20 people. Now there are 15 people.”

Coach Maeng Il-hyuk explained, “Usually players who used to play other schools or clubs or little baseball started playing baseball there and then moved here after hearing word of mouth. Compared to other teams, there are many people who ask for a transfer because it is freer and the atmosphere is brighter.” did.

▶ “You have to try to know who is good at it.”

The reason why the number of child players in baseball has decreased is complex. Above all, the declining birth rate was the deciding factor, and the fact that children’s outdoor activities were reduced also had a big impact. In addition, recently, the adverse conditions of Corona 19 overlapped.

Director Kim Jeong-rok, a leader and father of two children, said, “The environment for raising children is also different from before. In the past, we could do various outdoor activities in playgrounds or playgrounds. Nowadays, children spend more time with media rather than outdoor activities. It’s the same,” he said of his own experience.

Next is the economic problem. There is a perception that baseball is an expensive sport, and this is also the reality. Director Maeng Il-hyuk said, “It’s because it’s operated in a way that comes from the support of parents, from the leader’s labor cost. It has to be resolved,” he said.

In Sujincho, coach Kim Jeong-rok guides all players alone. He cautiously said, “I wish there was one coach, but there is a labor cost problem. I think that the application method may not be appropriate. Still, since it is a sport where there is a professional league, it would be nice if there was a support plan to maintain the league.” .

▶ “You have to be intimidated and not notice.”

Once children have developed an interest in baseball, it is also important to help them continue. For that to happen, a change in the way of teaching is also required. We need to make sure that the players on the playground don’t get bored of baseball, and we also have to create an environment where parents who watch will not have animosity. Parents say that still, even in youth baseball, there are people who create an atmosphere of fear by swearing and yelling.

There are plenty of other ways. Coach Jeong-rok Kim said, “I thought of creating a motivational factor.” revealed

Coach Maeng Il-hyuk said, “(Elementary school players) are children. They may lack concentration or be distracted. I try not to notice. As a result, it seems that there is progress in terms of skills.”

However, the two teams are only better than the other teams now, and they also think that a shortage of players is the near future. Director Kim Jeong-rok lamented, “Everyone knows that the population is declining and the birth rate is declining. I think that our school will also decrease someday.”

Coach Maeng Il-hyuk also said,메이저사이트 “I am also very worried about the decrease in the number of players. If it was the same as last year, we would have secured 9 5th and 6th graders. Compared to that time, the 4th and 5th grades have been reduced by half.” At least, this is about the team that is in a better position. You have to catch the kids playing baseball. More urgent tasks than bat material debates are unfolding across the country.

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