“Factors to overcome the slump” Reversal full bag → ‘direct hit on the wall’ double & 3 hits… The original giant first baseman wakes up

There are many factors to overcome the slump…”

Oh Jae-il (37, Samsung Lions) is the league’s leading ‘Geopo first baseman’.

Since 2016, he has consistently hit around 20 homers, and in 2020, he had a ‘career high’ season with 32 homers batting average of 3.1 and 2.먹튀검증

After completing the 2020 season, Oh Jae-il, who obtained FA qualification, signed a four-year contract with Samsung for a total of 5 billion won.

During his first two years, Oh Jae-il and Samsung’s companionship was good. He produced more than 20 home runs for a .200 batting average.

This season, Oh Jae-il had an all-time ‘slump’ year. In the midst of the bat not being strong, the injury overlapped.

During his 80 games, his batting average stayed in the 10% range and his home runs fell short of 10.

On the 26th, against Kiwoom in Daegu, Oh Jae-il fired a thrilling shot. Oh Jae-il, who was put in the first baseman’s defense at the beginning of the 8th inning, hit the plate at the bases loaded chance at the end of the 8th inning, when the loss was dark 2-5. If you subtract the value of the name ‘Oh Jae-il’, it is a 10% hitter’s at-bat. There were no hits in seven at-bats in the previous two games.

A swing like Jaeil Oh came out. Kiwoom Moon Seong-hyun’s 120 km slider was hit as it was and passed the right-middle fence. Oh Jae-il’s ninth home run of the season. Samsung won 6-5.

On the 27th, ahead of the Kiwoom game, Samsung coach Park Jin-man welcomed Oh Jae-il’s home run.

Director Park said, “As it was the last at-bat, I am looking forward to it,” and Oh Jae-il, who started as the 7th hitter on the 25th, was upgraded to the 6th hitter.

The plan worked. A big ball came out from the first at-bat at the end of the second inning. Kiwoom starter Kim Seon-ki hit a fastball and hit a double that hit the top of the fence in the middle right. A hit that would have been a home run if it had gone a little higher. Oh Jae-il’s face was also tinged with regret.

Oh Jae-il, who hit a hit at the right time with runner second base in the 3rd inning, hit a large foul ball in the 5th inning and made a ball that fell in front of the right wall. He ran to second base, but was caught by Kiwoom right fielder Joo Seong-won’s strong and accurate throw, and it was recorded as a hit.

Turning around with a fly ball in the 7th inning, Oh Jae-il finished the game with 3 hits. Samsung ended the weekend’s three-game series with a winning series with an 8-6 victory.

After a home run with bases loaded, the sense of hitting did not cool down. Oh Jae-il smiled at the story of ‘Escape from the slump’, saying, “I’m just doing it for now.”

The change was definitely felt. He said, “I think I can think positively because I see good hits coming out,” he said.

A rather late blow start. Oh Jae-il foreshadowed his future performance, saying, “I am continuing to prepare hard. I wonder if more swings I have will come out soon.”

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