Ferdinand’s sniper “Ronaldo, who went to Saudi Arabia only for money, is not honorable”

 Rio Ferdinand (42) sniped Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr), ‘Man United junior’.

Ferdinand, who is active as a commentator, introduced an anecdote with Ronaldo during the broadcast. He said, “When I was at Manchester United, Ronaldo was the youngest player among the main players. Ronaldo was a quiet player who couldn’t say a word in the corner of the locker room. The seniors bullied him a lot. During practice, I tripped him the most. Ronaldo continued to attack even though he was almost on the verge of crying. He was a competitive player,” he recalled.

Ferdinand acknowledged Ronaldo’s skills but criticized him for choosing to go to Saudi Arabia in his later years. He said, “Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, etc. chose to go to the American Pro League in their later years. It’s good to see players enjoying football in a less competitive league in their later years. They deserve it.”

Ferdinand continued,안전놀이터 “It was not honorable for Ronaldo to choose to go to Saudi Arabia for money. It is a sad thing,” he expressed regret.

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