Fireballers collected and nurtured, the future of the Hanwha mound runs

First of all, we gathered fast-paced prospects. Existing resources also succeeded in improving their speed through special training. The flight of the Hanwha Eagles rests on their shoulders.

Last year’s performance on the mound was poor. 카지노사이트 His ERA (4.82), WHIP (1.51) and WAR (6.62) all ranked last. No pitcher had a double-digit multiplier, and Kim Min-woo was the only starting pitcher to break through the regulation innings. Hitting and defense were also a problem, but there were many days when the mound failed to withstand the victory.

But, obviously, there was also hope. This is because young pitchers showed remarkable growth. Nam Ji-min took his place on the starting mound and Yoon San-heum took his place in the bullpen. Here, Moon Dong-ju also played an active role at the end of the season, drawing a bright future. All of them cooked opponent batters with fastballs over 150km.

As such, the number of fireballers on the mound at Hanwha has increased significantly in recent years. Nam Ji-min, Yoon San-heum, Moon Dong-ju, Park Jun-young, Kim Gyu-yeon, Joo Hyun-sang, Park Sang-won, Jang Si-hwan, and Kim Beom-soo also recorded an average fastball speed of 145 km or more. Here, Kim Seo-hyun, who was selected as the first overall pick in the 2023 draft, Han Seung-hyuk, who was brought in by trade, and Ryu Won-seok, who was recruited from the release market, were added to form a fireballer corps.

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