Gangwon FC secretariat relocated to Gangneung

Chuncheon City, local fans, and soccer officials have been agitated since the beginning of the year on the rumor that the Gangwon FC Secretariat will relocate to Gangneung. Previously, the atmosphere of opposition intensified over the 메이저놀이터 construction of a soccer-only stadium for Gangwon FC and the method of distribution of home games, and dissatisfaction continues as rumors of the Gangwon FC office relocating to Gangneung came out. It is argued that if the secretariat moves to Gangneung, there is a high possibility that it will adversely affect the attraction of a soccer-only stadium in Chuncheon in the future.

The rumor that Gangwon FC Secretariat will relocate to Gangneung came about when Kim Byeong-ji, CEO of Gangwon FC, said at the inauguration press conference, “I know that it will be relocated to Gangneung at the end of this season.”

As a result of the city’s recent confirmation of Gangwon-do’s decision to relocate the Gangwon FC office to Gangneung, it is known that it has confirmed that there is an intention to relocate.

The city, the Chuncheon fan club, and the city soccer association recently held a countermeasure meeting, requested a meeting with the current provincial governor centered on citizens, and are preparing for picket demonstrations. They are arguing that there is no reason to move the secretariat as there is already a clubhouse where players live in Gangneung. Moreover, last year’s home game winning rate was 50% for Chuncheon and 40% for Gangneung, and even if you look at the average number of spectators, Gangneung had 1,642 people and Chuncheon had 2,818 people.

Chuncheon City is also struggling to prepare countermeasures according to the rumor. First of all, on the 2nd of next month, Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byeong-ji plans to hold a meeting with fan club officials, the city football association, and city councilor Na Yoo-gyeong on the 1st to discuss countermeasures in line with the plan to visit Chuncheon City Hall.

An official from the city said, “Citizens are constantly raising complaints about the construction of a dedicated stadium and the method of distribution of home games.” He added, “In the future, we are planning a picket protest against the relocation of the secretariat and a meeting with the governor, centered on citizens, fan clubs, and the soccer association, and the city will actively support these movements.”

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