‘Hairy hair is over’… Harden won game 4 with 3 points in reverse… Philadelphia, 2 wins and 2 losses with Boston

‘Hairy’ James Harden (Philadelphia 76ers) finished.

Harden (42 points) fell behind 113-115 with 18 seconds left in the 4th leg of the 2022-2023 Eastern Conference playoffs quarterfinals against the Boston Celtics held at home on the 8th (Korean time). He hit a come-from-behind final 3 to make it 116-115.토스카지노

Overtime trailed 113-115. Joel Embiid dug under the goal and passed it to Harden, who was standing on the right sideline. After receiving the ball, Harden fired 3 points of conversion. The ball left Harden’s hand and was sucked into the rim like a painting while drawing a beautiful parabola. The charter turned 116-115. It was 18 seconds before the end of the game.

But Boston still had one last chance. Jayson Tatum dug under the net and passed to Marcus Smart on the outside. Smart, who caught the ball, blew a 3-pointer. The ball went through the rim. It was a turnaround buzzer beater 3 stores. I wondered if it would become a reversal electrode like the miracle of Boston.

However, after a review, the referee ruled that Smart had thrown the ball after the game. It wasn’t a buzzer beater.

In the end, the match was over.

The game went into overtime in the 4th quarter with the score tied.

Philadelphia, who won Game 4, balanced the series with 2 wins and 2 losses.

Game 5 between the two teams will be held in Boston.

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