Heaven turned a blind eye to the ‘prayer ceremony’… It’s ‘9 rounds of hell’, it’s hard to even worry about the competition for the top 5.

What I was so worried about actually happened. We will have to play 9 consecutive games including a double header. This is the fate of the Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants. 

The game between Doosan and Lotte held at Sajik Stadium on the 2nd was canceled due to rain. Following the game on the 1st, it was canceled due to rain for two consecutive days. The game on the 1st will be reorganized later, but the game on the 2nd will be different. The KBO decided that if one of the Saturday or Sunday games between August 5 and September 10 was canceled, the game would be played on the following Monday. This day was Saturday, and the game was eventually rescheduled for Monday the 4th. 

But Monday’s game wasn’t the problem. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop and Lotte acting manager Lee Jeong-woon both said, “We follow the will of heaven and nature. They didn’t care, saying, “We can’t do anything,” but deep down they wanted to play today and avoid Monday’s game. The reason is that both teams have a double header scheduled for the 9th. Doosan will have a double header against Samsung in Jamsil on the 9th, and Lotte will have a double header against NC in Changwon. Assuming that the game is played normally on the 3rd, which is Sunday, both teams will have a 9-game schedule scheduled until next week. 

Coach Lee Seung-yeop desperately wanted the game to play, saying, “I need to at least pray.” Lotte acting coach Lee Jong-woon also expressed his intention to start the game by saying, “It would be better for us to play, too,” but it did not go as planned. Heaven ignored the prayers and wishes of both teams’ coaches. We held a ‘Gicheongje’ to pray for a clear day, but the march of hell was confirmed. 

More than anything, I was worried about the condition of the players who had to play nine games in a row. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said on the 2nd, “We have to play today. If the game is played until Monday, it will be a 9-game series. “If we even have a double header, the players will die,” he said, raising his voice. 

In particular, from Doosan’s perspective, the rotation of the starting lineup was completely messed up as even the reorganized starting rotation with Choi Seung-yong (blister) and Kim Dong-ju (sluggish performance) could not operate properly. The Lotte game is important right now, but all the focus is on the important showdown against 5th place KIA in the middle of the week, so coach Lee Seung-yeop is embarrassed and not happy about the cancellation of the game on the 2nd. With 5th place KIA on a 7-game winning streak, the gap between the two teams is currently 2.5 games. 

With the game on the 1st already canceled, the plan to focus on the KIA game was broken. The one-two punch of Brandon (2nd) and Alcantara (3rd) was scheduled to be played against Lotte one after another. But even this was not feasible. Brandon will appear in the game on the 3rd. In the end, Brandon cannot fully participate in the KIA battle. The plan for an all-out war was in vain as one of the most certain starting cards was not used in the company battle. 

If the game had been played on the 2nd, Brandon could have played against KIA on the 7th after a 4-day break, but even this has become impossible. The order of Alcantara is also something to consider. Even if they manage to play the KIA game, Doosan cannot figure out how they will play the four-game series, including the double header against Samsung on the weekend, as the starters are empty. Director Lee said, “Choi Seung-yong is at a stage where he cannot be rushed. “There is still a long way to go,” he explained. Next week’s selection plan itself has gone completely wrong, and we also have to pay attention to the physical burden of fielders and bullpen.

The same goes for 7th place Lotte, which desperately needs to make it to the top 5. Lotte also has to play a 9-game series. At a time when they need to move up, they will play a three-game series against 8th place Samsung in Ulsan and then move to Changwon to play a 4-game series including a double header with 4th place NC. Doosan will have to travel back to Seoul after the game on Monday the 4th to play a six-game series against Jamsil, but Lotte will have to go back and forth between Ulsan and Changwon, so the travel distance itself is not a problem. 

However, from the perspective of Lotte, which must widen the gap with 8th place Samsung and narrow the gap with 4th place NC, a 9-game series is naturally unpleasing. There is currently a 3.5 game gap with 8th place Samsung and a 7 game gap with 4th place NC. The gap with 6th place Doosan is 3.5 games. Right now, Charlie Barnes, like Doosan starter Brandon, continues to be pushed back in his starting lineup, making it difficult to manage his condition. Still, Acting Manager Lee said, “It is difficult for us, but it is also difficult for our opponent,” explaining the reality that the best starting card at the moment cannot be postponed. Barnes, like Brandon, was selected as the starter on the 3rd.

In addition, with 9 consecutive games being played, a replacement starter was needed, and Manager Lee said, “I think if the game is delayed, a new player will appear again. “It could be an opportunity for a new player,” he said, adding, “Because there is a double header, there are also (Han) Hyun-hee, (Sim) Jae-min, and (Kim) Jin-wook as replacement starters.” .먹튀검증

The remaining game schedule is difficult in many ways. It’s the same for all clubs, but this year, complaints are especially coming out regarding the KBO’s schedule. The dissatisfaction that has been building since the regular season schedule seems to explode even more as the remaining game schedule is released. 

irreversible In the end, Doosan and Lotte must fight a crucial battle for the top 5 in the hellish march of 9 consecutive games. /[email protected]

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