‘High school big man’, Lee Do-yoon of Muryonggo, “I want to imitate all the big men in KBL”

“I want to imitate all the big men in KBL.”

Muryong High School (hereafter Muryong High School) defeated Yongsan High School in the finals of the 48th National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Glory Tournament held on the 13th at the Sportium National Gymnasium in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. It was broken with -69. He won his first win this season.

Muryonggo has won the 2018 Association Janggi Championship. From 2008 to 2010, he also achieved three consecutive victories in the tournament.

It was Lee Do-yoon who led Muryonggo to victory. Lee Do-yoon is the biggest big man in high school and the long-term MVP of the Association. He must also play a key role in the upcoming presidency of the federation.

Lee Do-yoon said, “I won my first championship after entering high school. I think my teammates also formed a good turning point. That’s why it was even better,” he said, expressing his feeling of winning.

He continued, “As in our school year, the 1st and 2nd graders also had to jump a lot. Teamwork and organizational skills were more important. Everyone got along normally, and that came out well on the court. Also, when we exercise, we become each other’s strength,” he said, citing ‘organizational power’ and ‘teamwork’ as the driving force behind the victory.

After that, “I didn’t have a good ankle, and my knee hurt during the first qualifying round. I wasn’t feeling well. But he recovered somewhat in the finals and did as well as the other players prepared. And there are a lot of players with good offense on the team, so I just had to focus on defense and rebounding.”

Lee Do-yoon is considered the biggest big man among high school players. He started playing basketball late, but his growth rate is not bad either. However, due to his poor physical abilities, he has many points to improve.

Lee Do-yoon also knew this. “So we have to stay focused until the end of the game. As the captain, you have to set the team atmosphere. He’s a big man first and foremost, so he needs to finish a little more solidly in the basket. And he has to make all the falling balls mine,” he said, focusing on what needs to be supplemented.

In addition, Lee Do-yoon was selected for the youth national team. He learned a lot from good players and competed against world-class players. Because of that, he can set his goals high.

Lee Do-yoon said, “I want to emulate all the big men in KBL. All of them are seniors with strengths. I want to learn the strengths of those seniors one by one. It is because I want to become a big man who can control both offense and defense,” he said, setting the direction for growth.온라인카지노

Finally, “I won the championship in the last competition. The federation president also wants to win the championship. There are no big personal goals. I want to help the team win,” he said. Doing dirty work as a big man to help the team win. That was the goal of the 2023 season that Lee Do-yoon thought.

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