Hong Yun-sang, born in 2002, re-enlisted… Pohang, additional U-22 card secured + lateral depth strengthened ‘card’ obtained

Hong Yun-sang, a striker born in 2002,안전놀이터 is coming back to Pohang Steelers.

Pohang announced the re-signing of Hong Yun-sang on the 11th. The back number is 37. Hong Yun-sang is a ‘Sunggol Youth’ who has gone through all of Pohang’s youth systems from Pohang Jecheoldong Elementary School to Pohang Jecheol Middle School to Pohang Jecheol High School. In 2019, he participated in the U-17 World Cup in Brazil, and in 2020, he was awarded the best player of the tournament at the K League Youth Championship. However, Hong Yun-sang, who joined Pohang in 2021, immediately left for Wolfsburg (Germany) on loan. In the summer of the same year, he completely transferred, and he lived on loan in Jankrepolten (Austria) and Nuremberg (Germany).

Hong Yun-sang’s strength is his dribble, which uses his speed to take away the opponent’s tempo. It is evaluated that he has excellent decision-making power in front of the goal and reveals his presence as a striker not only on the side but also in the center. After acquiring Han Chan-hee through a trade, Pohang has not made any significant moves in the summer transfer market. The return of the injured is the only reliable part. In that situation, I made the decision to pay the transfer fee and bring Hong Yun-sang back, although it was not a large amount.

Since he has never played in the K-League again in Pohang, there is no guarantee that Hong Yun-sang will be the starting pitcher right away. However, through the re-recruitment of Hong Yun-sang, Pohang has been able to enjoy two things. First of all, it is to secure resources for those under the age of 22 (U-22). Yunsang Hong, born in 2002, can be used as a U-22 resource until next year. Currently, Pohang is being given a lot of time by Ko Young-jun and Kim Jun-ho as U-22 resources. However, midfielder Kim Jun-ho may have less playing time if Han Chan-hee recovers his sense of the game and Kim Jong-woo returns. As a result, it is possible to expand the utilization of U-22 resources.

The second is lateral strengthening depth. In Pohang’s football, the wide striker plays an important role. You have to do both offense and defense with precise movement and positioning. Being involved in defense is a bonus. Due to Jung Jae-hee’s injury, Kim Seung-dae and Baek Seong-dong are being given a lot of playing time. Both have residual injuries. Moreover, side striker Kim In-seong, who was recruited this season, has yet to fully integrate into Pohang football. It means that we have to endure with the current squad until August, when Jeong Jae-hee returns. In addition, Hong Yun-sang will be able to relieve some of the physical burden of Ko Young-jun, who is suffering from an injury. From the point of view of coach Ki-dong Kim, it means that one more attack card has been added. It is clear that Pohang, which is holding on to the second place despite the lineup of key players, has expanded its options.

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