Hunter Green, who throws an average of 160 km, signs a six-year contract extension with Cincinnati

 Major League Baseball (MLB) Cincinnati Reds signed right-handed fastball pitcher Hunter Green (23) to a six-year, $53 million (approximately 69.8 billion won) contract extension.

According to the MLB official website on the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), Green’s contract is the highest ever in the club’s history among non-free agent extension contracts.

In addition to the six-year deal, Green includes a $21 million 2029 club option and a $2 million buyout, according to the deal. Including various other borders, the amount increases to up to $ 95 million.

Green is a fastball prospect that Cincinnati expects a lot. He made his big league debut last year after joining Cincinnati with the second overall pick in the 2017 rookie draft. He has been active as a starter since the opening game this season as well. His career record is 5 wins and 13 losses with an earned run average of 4.42, which is somewhat disappointing, but he boasts a powerful pitch, striking out 188 while throwing 142⅔ innings.

This season,메이저놀이터 the green has an average speed of 98.6 miles (about 158.7 km) for fastballs. This is the second league record after Jacob deGrom (Texas Rangers)’s 98.8 miles.

It is not uncommon to sign a long-term contract with a young player who is only in his second year and has not obtained the qualifications for salary adjustment, let alone free agency. You can get a glimpse of how much the Cincinnati club values ​​this player.

Bob Castellini, Cincinnati CEO (CEO) said, “It reflects the high dedication to the team that Green showed,” and “He is a young pitcher who is the basis for creating a successful team.”

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