I need to hit a lot, too.” Why did Lee Woo-sung, who hit his first grand slam, run to Coach Lee Beom-ho with a souvenir ball?

I have to hit a lot too.”

KIA Tigers outfielder Lee Woo-sung (29), who is hitting a career high, even hit a grand slam. On the 15th, in the Gwangju game against the Doosan Bears, with the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the 4th inning when the team was down 1-2, he hit a left-handed grand slam against Brandon Waddell. I felt the thrill of overcoming a persistent challenge and hitting a slider. 먹튀검증

It was his first grand slam home run 11 years after his debut. It was a shot that proved that they were having the most meaningful season this year. The secret to hitting the grand slam was manager Kim Jong-kook’s joke that made him laugh off his mistake. In the 2nd inning, with one out and runners on third base, he hit a ground ball to third base and sprinted to first base. He survived thanks to a bad throw from the opposing third baseman. After seeing the ball fall behind, he headed to second base, but did not notice the first base umpire and collided with him. I felt very sorry. 

“I apologized to the director. He was a man of few words, but he smiled and said, ‘If you’re going to throw a surprise bunt, make sure you hit it.’ I felt relieved and in a better mood. He swung confidently, thinking he would strike out, but luckily it ended up being a home run. He laughed, saying, “I thought it was a fly ball in the outfield and I thought I scored a point, but he went over it, heaven helped me.” 

With the help of the staff, he recovered the grand slam ball. He immediately asked hitting coach Beom-ho Lee to write a commemorative note. This coach holds the most home runs (17) in the KBO. Now that I had hit one, I felt energized and wanted to keep hitting. I also inherited coach number 25. He said, “I asked him to write his memorial letter. He wrote it according to the rules. He is someone I have seen in Daejeon since I was young. “He hit a lot of grand slam home runs, so I wanted to hit a lot too, so I asked him for his autograph,” he said with a laugh. 

Lee Woo-sung has yet to have a season in which he has had a regulation at-bat. He mainly played as a back-up and had limited time with the first team. Therefore, there was no point in managing his physical strength. “This is the last time I have been in the first team since last year. His physical fitness was never taken care of. “He is still following along with his seniors, friends who are good at baseball, and juniors,” he said with a laugh. 

Although he is producing the best results this year as well, it is not easy to get regular at-bats as he has to go back and forth between being the starter and the backup. Instead, playing with the first team full-time last year and this year definitely boosted his confidence. “Whether I start or play in the second half, I try to be confident and not worry about the results. “I used to have bad thoughts, but I’ve changed a lot to be more confident,” he said. 

Even though it was a career-high season, he erased his personal goal. “There should be no injuries. I wanted to hit triple digits, but I can see that I’m conscious of it. Now, I’ve regained my mindset. “I engraved it in my mind. The answer is to do it comfortably without any goals. I feel comfortable and good because I deleted my personal goals. The only thing that matters is the team victory. That way, we will be treated well and the team image will be good. Fans will also come to the baseball stadium a lot,” said the 11-year veteran. There was maturity.

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