If you give up, it’s over.” Group 1 Reservation is issued in advance. Veterans under special management of Yeomgalyang

Isn’t it over if you give up?”

There are veteran players that LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is paying special attention to. Outfielder Lee Cheon-woong (35) and infielder Jung Joo-hyeon (33).

He played as a main player in the first team, but due to injuries and sluggishness, he gave up his place to his juniors before he knew it. Last year, Lee Cheon-woong only played 19 games, and Jung Joo-hyun never made it to the first team.

This season, their place in the first team is not immediately visible. He was excluded from the Arizona 1st Army Camp and trained at the Icheon 2nd Army Camp.

However, director Yeom did not forget them. He gave me a first team reservation from the start of camp. Manager Yeom pointed to these two during the Arizona camp and said, “When injured players come out, I will put them up first.” And it is consistently used in demonstration games.

Director Yeom said, “Isn’t it over if you give up? Motivation seems to be important. It’s important to make people understand so that they don’t get disappointed.” do,” he said.

Those who played as a starting player in the first team are being forgotten in the minds of fans before they know it. They have to prepare steadily for themselves and for the team, and play an active part in the first team when necessary, but if they are hurt by the disappointment of not being able to make it to the first team, they may give up, so coach Yeom is trying to win them over. .

Lee Chun-woong played in 7 of the team’s 8 games,토토사이트 and Jung Joo-hyun played in all 8 games. He is raising his senses with his steady appearances.

When will the day when Lee Cheon-woong and Jung Joo-hyun will play in the first team? And when the team needs it, will you show your presence in good condition?

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