Impregnable SSG Salvation Shield… Lowest ERA of 2.31 in a 10-team system

The biggest weapon of SSG Landers, which is running at the top of professional baseball for two consecutive years following last year, is its relief pitching team like Cheol Ongseong.

The bat is 6th in team batting average (0.254) and 6th in team scoring range (0.253), but the mound indicator is different.메이저사이트

The team’s ERA is 3.38, which is second overall, and the relief pitching team’s ERA, which is first overall, is 2.31, making it impregnable.

In particular, the ERA of SSG relief pitchers is the lowest since 2015, when the 10 club system was established.

The LG Twins recorded the best ERA (2.89) and the most team holds (107) in the 10 club system last year.

This year’s SSG bullpen is poised to break LG’s ERA record in one year.

Seo Jin-yong, a sure finisher, and Koh Hyo-jun and Roh Kyung-eun, the duo of left and right left and right, form the basis of the SSG victory plan.

Seo Jin-yong took the risk of ending the match two days later in the game against the KIA Tigers on the 6th and 7th, but kept the victory by 1 point and landed the first 20 saves of the season.

40-year-old Koh Hyo-jun and 40-year-old Roh Kyung-eun next year each recorded 2 wins and 1 loss, 6 holds (ERA 3.00) and 4 wins, 1 loss and 15 holds (ERA 1.50), peaking at the peak of solid shields.

If this trend continues, Roh Kyung-eun and Seo Jin-yong can win the two titles this year, just like LG last year, when Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok swept hold and save king titles, respectively.

The greatness of the SSG bullpen stands out even more in 1-point and 2-point games.

SSG recorded 4 wins by 1 point in 6 games played in June. 10-4 in 1-point games and 10-5 in 2-point games, winning 20 wins, or 59% of the total wins (34 wins) in games with a difference of 2 points or less, establishing themselves as a strong team in tight ice. did.

After the launch of professional baseball in 2022, for the first time in the regular league, from the opening day to the end of the regular season, the ability to solve the game has become more sophisticated thanks to the achievement of’Wire to Wire’ and even conquering the Korean Series.

The main evaluation of the baseball world is that the bullpen operation of SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who is a former pitcher and has been in his third year at the command tower, has also reached maturity.

If you look at the win contribution ratio (WAR) against substitutes on Statiz, a baseball statistics website, the WAR of SSG relief pitchers is 7.32, which is by far the best among 10 clubs, and this figure is 67 times higher than the Samsung Lions (0.11), which is the lowest in this category. .

The driving force behind SSG’s most come-from-behind wins (16 wins) and fewest come-from-behind losses (7 losses) should also be found in the strength of the bullpen.

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