‘It’s not synthetic’ 178 cm Mbafe, looking at his 50 cm older brother, “Congratulations, aren’t you nervous?”

Killian Mbappe (23, France) met basketball player Victor Wembanyama (19, France).

Mbappe looked up high into the sky to say hello to a sports star from another field. Mbappe attended the NBA draft lottery held on the 17th (Korean time). At this meeting, we met and shook hands with Wembanyama, a French basketball star.

Mbappe is 178 cm tall. As a soccer player, he is not short. He is about 10 cm taller than his Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) teammate Lionel Messi and 3 cm taller than Neymar. Mbappe is a faster and more destructive striker than anyone else on the soccer field, but he has become infinitely smaller in front of a tall basketball player.

The rookie basketball player Mbafe met this time, Wembanyama, is 226 cm tall. It is about 50 cm taller than Mbappe. After his young age and nationality, he was nicknamed ‘Basketball Mbappe’. Born in 2004, Wemban Yama, a French national, is a physical monster born to a father (height 1m 98cm) who was a track and field long jumper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a mother who was a French basketball player (1m 91cm).

The American football media ‘Bleacher Report’ released a video of the two greetings, saying, “178cm Mbafe and 226cm Wembanyama finally met.” This is a scene where Mbappe greets, saying, “Congratulations on the draft.” At first glance, the height difference is so great that it can be misunderstood as graphic synthesis. The people around them watched the greetings of the two with interest.

Wembanyama is about the same height as South Korean basketball star Ha Seung-jin. In a recent broadcast, Ha Seung-jin said, “He’s the same height as me, but his wingspan (the length of his arms extended) is 18cm longer. He also broke the prejudice that tall people are slow on their feet. Isn’t he a fraudulent character?” he was surprised.카지노사이트

Mbappe is well known as a basketball fanatic. After completing the schedule for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year, he immediately appeared on the NBA scene. When Mbappe was caught on the screen, an incident occurred where some fans sang Argentinian cheering songs. This is because Mbappe lost to Argentina in the final of the World Cup in Qatar and finished runner-up.

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