Japanese 20-year-old mixed-race GK “In fact, the reason for rejecting the Manchester United recruitment offer… ” Sincere Confession

The next-generation Goliath, born in 2002, which Japanese soccer boasts, Aya Suzuki (20, Urawa) said it was “true” when she was told that she had recently received an offer from Manchester United (Man United), the giant of the English Premier League (EPL).

He said in an interview with Japanese sports daily Sports Hochi right after the 2023 J1 League round 22 (0-0 draw) with Yokohama Marinos on the 6th, “It is true that I was offered by Man United. “I was very hesitant before making a decision,” he said.

Last month, major British media reported that Manchester United had paid a transfer fee of 5 million pounds (8.3 billion won) for Suzuki. The Japanese media also scrambled to deal with it. After parting ways with David de Gea, United signed Andre Onana (Cameroon), with Suzuki as their backup goalkeeper. However, reports emerged that Suzuki had expressed his intention to refuse.

Instead, he confirmed a loan transfer to Sint Traudon in the Belgian first division, which has a Japanese owner. “As a soccer player and as a person, if I hadn’t thought about anything, I would have wanted to go to Manchester United,” said Suzuki, “I made this decision after thinking a lot about what my future would be like.”

I thought it was impossible to build a career while playing real games at Manchester United right away. He said, “I am not running (constantly) in Japan right now. Manchester United recruited Oh Na-na, but I thought it was very difficult considering how good I was at playing.” “Even if I can’t go now, I want to try again in a few years. I made this decision to steadily take a step forward.”

Born in the US to a Ghanaian father and a Japanese mother, Suzuki is 190 cm tall. It is evaluated that he has his talent in his ability to save and build-up using his superior physicality. He is active as the main gatekeeper of the Japanese U-22 national team preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. In July of last year, he was called up to his A team for the East Asian Cup, and his potential was recognized when he made his A match debut against Hong Kong.먹튀검증

Debuting on the Urawa 1st team stage in 2021, he doesn’t have much professional experience as he confessed himself. He only made 2 appearances last season. He hasn’t played a single game this season. Urawa’s 37-year-old veteran goalkeeper Nishikawa Shusaku is the main player.

Suzuki said, “We have to surpass (Nishigawa). He honestly confessed, “After playing (in Urawa) this time, I thought about transferring, but I feel that I lack the strength to achieve it.” As for going to Belgium, he said, “The first goal is to keep playing the game, taking one step at a time. And I will do my best to make my dream of playing in the Premier League come true.”

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