KB Command Tower, who sent trust despite sluggish performance, Han Seong-jeong, who reciprocated with his skills

KB Insurance’s outside hitter Han Seong-jeong (27, 195cm), who cleaned up the recent sluggishness, vowed to show a more developed image.

KB Insurance won a set score of 3 to 0 (25-18, 26-24, 25-19) in a home game against Korean Air in the 4th round of the Dodram V-League Men’s Division in the 2022-2023 season held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 24th. It was a shutout win against Korean Air after 5 years since February 18, 2018.

Foreign player Viyena led the team’s 안전놀이터 attack with 26 points, the most of both teams, and an attack success rate of 58.97%. Outside hitter Hwang Kyung-min also contributed with 10 points and an attack success rate of 47.37%. 

Here, Han Seong-jeong’s performance was also outstanding. Han Seong-jeong recorded 56.25% attack success rate with 10 points that day, contributing to the team’s victory by raising a double-digit score in about a month after the Samsung Firefighting on the 13th of last month. 

Hu In-jeong, coach of KB Insurance, smiled broadly at Han Seong-jeong’s performance. He said, “No matter how good a foreign player is, it’s difficult if the outside heater can’t break through the attack. 

Even though Han Seong-jeong did a good job on this day, he felt more sorry for his teammates. It’s because he showed a sluggish performance in the recent game. He said, “I had a lot of expectations this season, but I fell short,” and “I am grateful to my teammates for waiting.”

Han Seong-jeong, who had not been able to improve her performance, was not able to step on the court at the OK Financial Group match on the 17th due to Hong Sang-hyuk and Bae Sang-jin. At this time, the sincere advice he received from director Hu became a good stimulus. 

At the time, Han Seong-jeong confided to director Hu, “I’m working hard, but I’m stressed out because it doesn’t work out well.” Then coach Hu said, “It would be more stressful not to play. 

Han Seong-jeong devoted himself to training even on rest days to rebound, and his efforts shined in this game. He said, “The coach’s words were a great strength. It was a good stimulus,” he said, “I did my best because I wanted to repay you for trusting me.” 

Director Hu always had great faith in Han Seong-jeong. Han Seong-jeong said, “The coach puts a lot of trust in me, (Hwang) Kyung-min, and (Hwang) Taek-eui. He said that these three are the players who will lead the team.” He continued, “Taek-eui and Kyung-min are doing well, but I was lacking. I will try to live up to the director’s expectations in the future.” 

He was also not satisfied with the performance he showed in his game that day. Han Seong-jeong said, “I’m not personally satisfied. I think I can do better.”

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