KIA rookie Kwak Do-gyu, left-handed side pitcher who shoots 148km/h

A newcomer more eye-catching than a first-round super rookie appeared on the mound of the KIA Tigers. This is the story of Kwak Do-gyu (19), a “left-handed pitcher.” 

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk is having a happy thought. There are many left-handed bullpen pitchers such as Lee Jun-young, Kim Dae-yu, Kim Ki-hoon, Choi Ji-min, and Kim Yu-shin, so it is difficult to pick an opening entry, because even rookie Kwak Do-gyu showed competitiveness.

In the demonstration game, Kwak Do-gyu faced 12 batters in 3 innings and showed no runs with no hits. In the match against the Doosan Bears on the 19th, starting pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong climbed onto the mound and grounded infielder Heo Gyeong-min and outfielder Kim Jae-hwan in turn. On the 21st, with two runners (1st and 2nd base), in the early 5th inning pitch against the LG Twins, Moon Seong-joo, who has a good hitting feeling, was grounded and overcame the risk of conceding a run. 

Kwak Do-kyu is a rare left-handed pitcher. It has a slightly higher release point than a typical sidearm pitcher and less than a three-quarter type. 

Pitchers with a similar pitching form include retired ‘former’ Samsung Lions pitcher Lim Hyeon-jun, and Kim Dae-yu (KIA), who recorded 37 holds in the last two seasons (2021-2022). Lim Hyun-jun’s four-seam fastball (fastball) average velocity was 120.4 km/h (based on the 2021 season), and Kim Dae-yu also recorded 137.1 km/h last season. Kwak Do-gyu shows a much more dynamic arm swing than them. The highest velocity of a two-seam fastball was 148 km/h. 

Kwak Do-gyu was nominated by the KIA in the 5th round (42nd overall) of the rookie draft held in September of last year. He was overshadowed by 1st rounder Yoon Young-cheol and did not receive much attention. However, coach Kim Jong-guk pointed out Do-gyu Kwak, who showed his growth potential at the team finishing camp held in Jeju Island last November. When the Futures (second team) team’s spring camp also received good reviews, coach Kim immediately called Kwak Do-gyu to the first team on the first day of the demonstration game (13th) and immediately put him into practice. He admired his ability to move the ball and control it quickly.

From the standpoint of a left-handed hitter, it is said that the ball from a left-handed pitcher feels as if it is flying from behind. Lim Hyeon-jun was strong with a career batting average of 0.229 against left-handed batters, and Kim Dae-yu recorded 0.214. Kwak Do-gyu not only has a pitching trajectory that is difficult for left-handed batters to attack, but also has a fast speed. 

Coach Kim Jong-guk highly values ​​not only Kwak Do-kyu’s pitching but also his mentality. He also plans to use it as a bullpen pitcher this season. However, he has not yet decided whether he will be included in the opening roster. There are many left-handed pitchers who have already been verified in the first team stage in the pitching staff. It is highly likely that you will give them a chance first. 

Yoon Young-cheol recorded no runs in 8 2/3 innings in two demonstration games, showing a super rookie-like appearance.메이저사이트 Kwak Do-gyu’s presence is not inferior to Yoon Young-chul. A left-handed pitcher who throws a fast ball will attract attention even if he is an overhand pitcher. Attention is focusing on whether Kwak Do-gyu will prove his rare value in the first team. 

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