Kim Yeon-kyung opened her mouth… Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Secret Plan

The secret plan of Korea Expressway Corporation, which won a historic come-from-behind victory against Heungkuk Life Insurance, which ranked first in the regular league in the professional volleyball women’s championship match, was revealed through opponent Kim Yeon-kyung. Comparing it to military law, the road construction can be summarized as using the so-called ‘siege system’ that induces Heungkuk Life’s vigilance and the ‘anti-scheming system’ that leaks false information.

The Korea Expressway Corporation achieved an unprecedented turnaround in Korean professional volleyball by winning 3 consecutive wins even after losing 2 first in the 5-out 3 best championship match.

In the professional volleyball V-League, which started in 2005, the team that won the first and second games, regardless of gender, always won the championship. The Korea Expressway Corporation broke through a 0% chance and won the championship.

Interpretations were divided as to how the Korea Expressway Corporation, which was evaluated as inferior, was able to press the powerful Heungkuk Life Insurance, which took first place in the regular league. In the midst of this, some secrets of the road construction were revealed through the mouth of Kim Yeon-kyung, who led Heungkuk Life Insurance.

In a press conference at the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Awards Ceremony held on the 10th, Kim Yeon-kyung confessed that “the road construction did a lot of smoke operations.”

Kim Yeon-kyung continued, “(Meeting and talking to the road construction players) It’s hard because I’m older. I said it wouldn’t work even in the 3rd game,” he said.

As revealed by Kim Yeon-kyung, in this championship game, the road construction players had a hard time saying they had caught a cold. Some players even took part wearing masks. Heungkuk Life took the first and second games at home without much difficulty. It was also a situation where Heungkuk Life Insurance could be vigilant.

Right after the 2nd consecutive loss, Korea Expressway Corporation manager Kim Jong-min met with reporters and said, “The atmosphere naturally fell. I was looking at the opponent 7 to 3 in terms of power, but it was not enough to overturn it with the current player’s physical condition.” He made a nuance speech.

It was a kind of siege system. The siege system is a ploy to confuse the enemy by pretending to give up and not defend when the allies are outnumbered. Highway Corporation, which seemed to have given up on Game 3, turned the series back to square one with two consecutive victories against Heungkuk Life Insurance at its home stadium, Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium.

The road construction also seemed to use anti-scheming, using its opponent, Kim Yeon-kyung. Jeong Dae-young, veterans of the road construction, Bae Yoo-na, and Park Jung-ah are close friends with Kim Yeon-kyung. The road construction players seem to have disrupted Heungkuk Life Insurance by using Kim Yeon-kyung, who talks without hesitation before and after the game.

Kim Yeon-kyung confessed at the awards ceremony, “Every player I met was very strict, but he flew around in the game.”

In other words, Kim Yeon-kyung was caught in the anti-scheming of the road construction. Counter-cunning is a ploy to leak false information to an enemy spy to make a false report. Contrary to the news about the physical condition of the road construction players Kim Yeon-kyung encountered, the road construction enthusiastically engaged in the game, which is interpreted as leading to Heungkuk Life Insurance’s carelessness as a result.

On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance also made a mistake in exposing their physical condition. Heungkuk Life’s main setter Lee Won-jung confessed with his mouth that he had a problem with his hamstring, as if he thought he had won the second game.

Lee Won-jung, who missed the last minute of the regular season due to a hamstring injury, said in an interview right after the victory in the second game, “It’s okay at first, but the more sets go on, the more I can’t give strength. It’s hard to run around, but now I’m only thinking about winning.” I can rest,” he said.

Lee Won-jung’s remark eventually became a weakness. The road construction continued the rally persistently to tie Lee Won-jung’s feet. The Korea Expressway Corporation followed up to the end with the expectation that it could shake the opponent’s toss even after giving away the first set in all 3 to 5 games.

Lee Won-jung’s toss success rate, which was close to 50% in the second game as if it was a strain on his thighs, fell to the 30% range from the 3rd to the 5th game. At the end of the long rally at the end of the 5th game, next to Park Jung-ah, a squatting road construction worker, Lee Won-jung, who was sprawled out on the court, drew more attention.

Highway Corporation’s skillful strategy led to a come-from-behind victory that will go down in Korean volleyball history. In addition, this also resulted in delaying the retirement of volleyball empress Kim Yeon-kyung. The desperation of road construction stimulated Kim Yeon-kyung’s desire to compete.

Kim Yeon-kyung,카지노사이트 who gave away the championship to her road construction, announced that her longing for the combined championship in her last 10 days had increased, rescinding her retirement plans and extending her active career.

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