Klay Thompson wants a maximum extension contract… Will he continue with GSW?

Thompson wants a big deal.

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski talked about Klay Thompson’s future on the air ahead of the first round of the playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings on the 16th (Korean time).

Thompson, who was nominated by Golden State with the 11th overall pick in the 2011 draft, was called the Splash Duo with Stephen Curry and led the team’s golden age. He was a key member of Golden State’s six Finals appearances and four championships.

There were trials along the way. Thompson, who suffered a cruciate ligament rupture injury in the 2019 Finals, suffered a great ordeal while overlapping with an Achilles tendon rupture injury in the process of his return. He had a hiatus of close to two and a half years.

However, Thompson, who overcame his crisis well, succeeded in returning last season and opened a new chapter in his career. Thompson, who succeeded in reviving, became the third player in NBA history to make 300 3-pointers in a season, following Stephen Curry and James Harden, and averaged 21.9 points. Without him, it was hard to think of Golden State going straight to the playoffs.

Thompson, who has risen like a tumbleweed, will be eligible to sign an extended contract with Golden State this summer. He has one year left on his 2019 five-year, $190 million contract at the end of this season. First of all, Thompson is known to be looking at a maximum extension contract.

“Klay Thompson is expected to receive a new maximum-level contract extension this offseason,” Wojnarowski said. 

Considering various factors such as Thompson’s position in the team, it is impossible not to think of renewing the contract, but Golden State has a headache. Golden State has already signed Stephen Curry’s four-year, $215.35 million contract. Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins have agreed to extension contracts, and Draymond Green is also set to exercise his player option next season.

Golden State is already risking the league’s highest level of luxury tax spending. If Thompson signs a maximum contract, luxury tax spending will increase significantly. In addition, there are many things to think about because we have to consider the age of Thompson, who was born in 1990.  

Reporter Wojnarowski said, “(If Thompson’s maximum contract is reached), the Golden State club could end up spending more than $500 million, including gross salaries and luxury taxes. unknown,” he added.

Thompson was clearly a mainstay in Golden State’s golden years and is still a key member today. However, if you give him a maximum contract,먹튀검증 the expenses increase astronomically. There may be setbacks in accompanying Green, another main axis. 

Golden State is expected to spend a busy summer, although they have to focus on the playoffs right now. Can Thompson continue with Golden State?

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