Koo Chang-mo finished his first live pitching since his injury… NC Director Kang In-kwon “He was motivated”

NC Dinos Koo Chang-mo (26) played his first live pitching since his forearm injury.

On the morning of the 13th, Koo Chang-mo threw 30 balls during a live pitching training held at Masan Stadium, the home stadium of NC’s Futures (2nd team). He pitched two sets of 15 each. The fastballs (17) went up to 140 km/h. In addition to the fastball, he also checked the forkball (6), slider (5), and curve (2).

Gu Chang-mo was diagnosed with micro-damage to the flexor muscles of his left arm in June. However, during a re-examination at the end of June, his condition worsened due to a stress fracture of the ulna in his left arm. After months of rehabilitation, he said after finishing his live pitching that day, “It’s been a long time since I stepped on the mound. There was no major problem with his arm and it felt good. It was time for him to check things like breaking balls and set positions. He said, “His velocity is gradually increasing, and I am confident that his speed will improve as he plays in the future.”

NC coach Kang In-kwon said of Koo Chang-mo ahead of the Changwon KT Wiz match on the 13th, “I don’t think there is any need to attach importance to restraint right now,” and added, “We had a conversation after pitching (live pitching) and he said, ‘I’m in good shape (after throwing). ‘He said. We’ll have to keep an eye on his condition after tomorrow, but even though he’s worried that he’s rushing too much, the player says, ‘There’s no major discomfort.’ “He said enthusiastically, ‘It’s okay.’”

Now it’s time to put it into action. Koo Chang-mo is scheduled to take the mound in the Futures League match against the Masan Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu) on the 16th. Coach Kang said, “We plan to have him pitch in the game for about one inning, and we will have him throw less than 30 pitches. If there is no significant discomfort or abnormality after throwing, he will register as a first-team entry the next week and start from the bullpen.” “I intend to do it,” he said.먹튀검증

Both NC and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team are paying close attention to Koo Chang-mo’s return. Koo Chang-mo is scheduled to join the national team convened on the 23rd. He said, “I want to do everything I can in my given position. I want to prepare well until the end and repay the team for the long absence. “I will play baseball healthy and confidently so as not to disappoint those who have trusted and waited for me,” he pledged.

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