Korea, Ohtani filtered through ‘automatic 4 balls’, but dedicated big innings to Japan… 3 turnover allowed [WBC Korea-Japan match]

South Korea scored 3 points at the beginning of the 3rd inning, but it was reversed by contributing 4 points immediately.

South Korea scored 3 points in the top of the 3rd inning against Japan in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 10th (Korean time), but immediately contributed 4 points at the end of the 3rd inning.

Starting pitcher Gwang-Hyun Kim struck out 5 until the 2nd inning and pitched a scoreless pitcher, but from the bottom of the 3rd inning the lead batter gave up 2 walks in a row, causing a crisis with 1st and 2nd base safely, and leadoff Lars Nuthba pulled out a timely hit from Gwang-Hyun Kim. scored the first goal. Kim Gwang-hyun was shaken, but he continued to throw and allowed a heavy hit to Kensuke Kondo, who came to the plate, and eventually gave up an extra point.메이저사이트

After that, Won Tae-in, who came up to the mound, skipped Ohtani, the third hitter, with an automatic ball and chose to load the base safely. Won Tae-in caught 4th hitter Murakami Munetaka with a flyout, but allowed 5th hitter Masataka Yoshida with 2 RBIs and a timely hit and allowed a 3-4 turnaround.

However, Won Tae-in put the follow-up hitter Kazuma Okamoto on a line drive in front of the pitcher, and Shugo Maki caught a ground ball that landed in front of the pitcher and put the first base out, ending Japan’s long attack.

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