‘Last year’s center hitter → This year’s key bullpen’ Commander Sighs, Crying at the Evil Spirit of Injury for 2 Consecutive Years 

Following last year, KT Wiz is suffering from the evil spirit of injury again this year. Last year it was on the fielder side, but this year it is on the pitcher side.

The injured this time are key bullpen pitchers. Sovereignty and Kim Min-soo complained of pain before the demonstration game and received a medical examination. As a result, sovereignty suffered damage to the right forearm muscle, and Min-soo Kim received damage to the supraspinatus tendon of the right shoulder. I plan to take a break for 2 months and watch the progress of my recovery.

These two are the core of KT’s bullpen. Sovereignty appeared in 58 games last year and recorded 3 wins (3 losses), 1 save and 15 holds. He recently competed as a member of the Chinese national team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Kim Min-soo played 76 games and recorded 5 wins (4 losses), 3 saves and 30 holds. He was ranked second in the hold category after LG Jung Woo-young.

Naturally, their entry into the opening entry for the regular season was also unsuccessful. KT needs to find Pilseungjo resources to replace the two players immediately.

First of all, there were not enough pitchers to block the 6th and 7th innings. First of all, the pitcher who finished the ninth inning was Kim Jae-yoon. He is a closer with 33 saves last year, which ranked second in the league. He also made 30 saves for two consecutive years. And there is Park Young-hyun. Even if Park Young-hyun blocks the 8th inning, there is a limit to filling the void left by the injured.

The first face that comes to mind is exclusion. He is a pitcher capable of both starting and bullpen. He played 6 of 24 games last year as a reliever. Director Lee Kang-cheol is also in trouble. Manager Lee said, “The body hasn’t come up yet. He hasn’t come up yet, so I think I’ll have to watch the last game.”

In addition, there are Kim Min and Son Dong-hyun, who returned from military service last year, and Lee Chae-ho, who performed well last year. Coach Lee Kang-cheol is expected to make a decision after testing the resources that can be utilized to the maximum in the remaining demonstration games.

It was injuries that plagued KT last season as well. Right before the opening, Kang Baek-ho suffered a toe fracture, and outside batter Henry Ramos also suffered a toe injury and was out of power for a while. Park Byeong-ho alone had to lead the center of the batting line.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol sighed,메이저사이트 “Last year, the fielder was injured, but this year, the pitcher was injured. We cannot start smoothly.”

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