Lavalini and Novara’s sudden breakup… Are you going to Fenerbahce?

Head coach Stefano Lavarini has abruptly parted ways with his club, Novara, Italy. The possibility of taking the baton of Turkiye Fenerbahce has increased.

Manager Lavarini has served as the Novara command tower since 2020, and even signed a renewal earlier this year. His contract ran until June 2024. However, on the 25th, Novara announced on its official website that it had decided to terminate the contract under an agreement with director Lavarini.

Novara’s official announcement is a significant signal.

With Fenerbahce head coach Zoran Tergić likely to leave, directors Daniele Santarelli and Lavarini were mentioned as possible candidates.

In particular, coach Santarelli has become the commander of the Turkish women’s volleyball team instead of coach Giovanni Guidetti. Coach Santarelli’s move to Fenerbahce was also raised, and it was reported that Joanna Bowarsch, the main setter of Italy’s current team, Imoko Cornelliano, would transfer to Fenerbahce. But Bowersch chose to stay.

On the 25th, the Turkish media ‘Turktime’ said, “The contract between coach Lavarini and the Fenerbahce team has been reached.”

Fenerbahce reached the top of the Turkiye League in the 2022-23 season and finished third in the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Champions League. The season ended on the 12th with the 3rd leg of the Turkiye League Final against Exasibashi. Fenerbahce’s movements also became busy.

The media said, “Fenerbahce recently wanted to recruit coach Santarelli, who was in charge of the Turkiye women’s volleyball team, and coach Lavarini was also a candidate. Fenerbahce, who is preparing to part ways with director Zoran Terzic, is close to reaching an agreement with director Lavarini,” she said.

Fenerbahçe is a competitive team not only in the Turkish League but also on the European stage. He is immediately considered as a candidate for the championship. Attention is focusing on whether coach Lavarini will take on a new challenge in Turkiye following the Italian and Brazilian leagues.

Meanwhile,메이저놀이터 coach Lavalini led the Korean women’s volleyball team to advance to the semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics, and has been directing the Polish women’s volleyball team since 2022. Following last year, we plan to meet Korea again this year as adversaries on the international stage.

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