Lee Do-yoon, who kept the pride of ‘Center’s biggest fish’

Namgobu center ‘biggest fish’ Lee Do-yoon (201cm, C) pledged victory.

Muryong High School managed to beat Anyang High School 87-85 after an extended match in the quarterfinals of the 48th Association Long National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship, which continued at the Sportium National Sports Center in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do on the 11th. In the midst of a tight match throughout the game, Muryong-go overcame the opponent’s relentless pursuit thanks to Lee Do-yoon’s steady control under the goal.

Lee Do-yoon dominated the inside with 28 points, 19 rebounds and 3 assists in the game that day. With a height superior to others, he calmly attacked the bottom of the goal and put the team on the semi-final stage.

When we met after the game, he said, “Everything I prepared didn’t come out. He went to overtime, but it feels good to win because he worked hard until the end,” he said, telling his impressions of advancing to the semifinals.

It was predicted that Muryong High School would win easily, but Anyang High School was also not an easy opponent. Anyang High School played a fierce battle with the junior duo Seok Jun-hui and Bae Hyun-shik, and Yoon Yong-jun’s one shot 0.1 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter led the game to extra time. However, it was not enough to handle the height of Lee Do-yoon in overtime.

Regarding the fact that the game was more difficult than expected, he said, “There were many days off, and as the competition was getting longer, I was missing the tension. Fortunately, I think I was able to maintain my tension through today’s game.”

Doyoon Lee suffered an ankle injury before the first tournament of the season. He played in the spring league match, but his physical condition was not normal. Due to his power leak, Moo-Ryong-Go also suffered the pain of being eliminated from the preliminaries. As a captain and a key player, the pressure and responsibility for his performance must have coexisted.

“It hurts (still), but not to the point where I can’t run. Currently, the body condition is about 70%. Still, compared to his first competition, he has come up a lot. (I am) the captain, and I felt sorry (to the team) for being injured. Perhaps because of his desire to climb higher, his teammates did not care about (injury) and everyone did their part well.” Doyoon Lee says:

Muryong High School’s semifinal opponent was decided to be Busan Jungang High School, which came up after beating Hongdae Bu High School.온라인카지노However, Lee Do-yoon’s gaze was focused on reaching the top, not the finals.

Lee Do-yoon said, “I came to win this tournament. I will definitely go back with the champion title,” he said, expressing his firm determination.

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