Lee Kang-in Mallorca-Kim Min-jae Naples, the visit to Korea eventually collapsed… KFA ‘unapproved’

There was no plan for seniors and juniors of the Korean national team to play friendly games in Korea wearing their team uniforms. Kang-in Lee’s visits to Mallorca (Spain) and Min-jae Kim’s visits to Naples (Italy) were cancelled.

According to the Korea Football Association (KFA) on the 25th, the KFA notified the organizers of the domestic friendly match between Napoli and Mallorca that the event was not allowed. 

The friendly matches between the two teams were scheduled to be held twice at Seoul World Cup Stadium on June 8 and Goyang Sports Complex on June 10.

Among them, the match on June 10 was canceled on the 19th despite objections from the Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) because six K-League matches were to be held on the same day.

Afterwards, the KFA requested a reply from the host team to see if they were willing to hold the game on June 8, and at the same time asked them to prove their financial ability to safely play the games of big overseas clubs in Korea. 

The reason why KFA put forward such a ‘condition’ is to prevent unpleasant things such as the ‘Ronaldo No-Show’ incident that occurred during Juventus (Italy)’s visit to Korea in the past.

KFA gave us two options. It demanded the submission of a special contract (insurance certificate) containing a financial compensation plan in preparation for unexpected situations such as a ‘no-show’ of the players, along with a deposit amounting to one billion won or about 800 million won, 10% of the expected profit from the first game.메이저사이트

However, KFA did not receive the relevant documents until 5:00 pm on the 25th, and in the end, the two teams’ visit to Korea was cancelled.

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