Lee Ki-hyeok card who saw the potential… Filling in the core Lee Chang-min’s ‘blank’, Jeju’s rest period task

 Lee Ki-hyeok saw the potential of the card. Jeju United’s task is to fill the void left by key midfielder Lee Chang-min.

Jeju lost 1-5 in the match against Ulsan Hyundai in the 17th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 10th. Following the previous Pohang Steelers (1-2 loss), they entered the A-match break with two consecutive losses.

Midfielder Lee Chang-min, who plays a key role in Jeju, enlists after playing against Ulsan. As a social worker, he plans to serve in the K4 League Geoje Citizens Soccer Team. Lee Chang-min was an indispensable presence in Jeju’s midfield. In particular, his accurate penetrating pass and game coordination accounted for a large portion of the team.

With Lee Chang-min’s enlistment, Jeju must immediately fill the void. There are about two weeks given for the A-match break in June, so you can guess various combinations. Jeju’s defense, composed of Lim Chae-min, Jeong-woon, Kim O-gyu and Kim Joo-won, is very solid. That’s why Jeju’s midfielders have to play a bigger role in game management and attack development than defense.

First of all, Kim Bong-soo is demonstrating his presence without sound. Kim Bong-soo can also play central defense, so his defensive power is highly evaluated. Also, when the break is over, Koo Ja-cheol can recover from his injury and come back. If Koo Ja-cheol’s ballkeeping ability is combined with Kim Bong-soo’s activity and defensive power, synergy can be created.

In addition, Lee Ki-hyeok, who has returned from injury and is increasing his playing time, is gradually integrating into the team. Lee Ki-hyeok wore the Jeju uniform this season. Due to his injury, he only played his first game this season against Gangwon FC (1-0 win) in the 6th round on April 9th. In the 16th round match against Pohang, he sortied as a side defender, an unfamiliar position. He was placed in midfield along with Kim Bong-soo against Ulsan. He played the role of distributing the ball to both sides with an accurate left foot kick, which was not bad. Jeju lost to Ulsan, but Lee Ki-hyeok’s left foot stood out.토토사이트

Jeju also has midfielder Han Jong-moo, born in 2003. How you organize and complete the combination of these four players can affect Jeju’s later grades.

There is also a possibility that Jeju will reinforce it in the summer transfer market. The summer transfer window is about a month from the 23rd to the 20th of July. Jeju has overcome the sluggishness in the early stages and has risen to the top. However, the battle for the middle ranks this season is fiercer than ever, making it impossible to gauge the ranking competition. This is why the rest period in June is important to Jeju.

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