Lim Seong-jae, Mitchell and 10-under-par joint venture “Lots of birdies and a good flow”

“I had so much fun playing.”

Lim Seong-jae (25), along with Keith Mitchell (USA), was very satisfied with the match after scoring 10 under par on the first day of the PGA Tour Zurich Classic (total prize money: $8.6 million).

In the first round of the tournament held at TPC Louisiana (par 72) in Avondale, Louisiana, USA from the 21st (Korean time) on the 21st (Korean time), Im Seong-jae combined 9 birdies with 1 eagle and blocked 1 bogey to 10 under par I hit 62.

This tournament was a two-person team game, and on the first day, each player hit their own ball, and the good performance was reflected in the team performance. If you bogey with a birdie in the same hole, the birdie is reflected as a team score, and even if you birdie side by side, the team score becomes a birdie.

The important thing in a team game is the flow and atmosphere. Im Seong-jae and Mitchell continued a pleasant game throughout the 18 holes with perfect coordination that day.

Im Seong-jae’s pace was good at the beginning of the game. Im Seong-jae, who started at the 10th hole, gained momentum by catching consecutive birdies from the 12th to the 14th hole. He then added a birdie on the 16th hole. In the meantime, Mitchell slowed down by recording only one bogey without a birdie.

In the middle of the game, Mitchell pulled out a birdie to ease the burden on Lim Seong-jae. I caught birdies on the 18th and 2nd holes.

Im Seong-jae and Mitchell, who reduced 5 strokes in 11 holes, raised their performance again at the end of the game. In holes 4 and 6, Im Seong-jae made birdies, and in holes 5 and 7, Mitchell recorded a birdie and an eagle, reducing another 5 strokes.

There was a crisis in the 9th hole (par 3), but Lim Seong-jae’s short game shone.

Both Lim Seong-jae and Mitchell’s tee shots fell into the water, but Im Seong-jae’s third shot from outside the green fell alone and made a par save.

Im Seong-jae said, “I had a lot of fun playing today with Mitchell,” and was satisfied with the match, saying, “I was able to ride a good flow by making a lot of birdies, and I started in a good position on the first day with a good score of 10 under par.”

Wyndham Clark-Bo Hoessler (above USA) and Sean O’Hare-Brandon Mathew (above USA) Joe both scored 11 under par 61 to jointly lead, while Lim Seong-jae and Mitchell, who hit 10 under par, Matthew-Alex Fitzpatrick (England) He tied for third place with his brothers, David Lipsky-Aaron Lai (England) and Noh Seung-yeol-Michael Kim (USA).

On the second day, the match will be held in a foursome format with two players taking turns hitting the same ball. Not only individual skills, but also the breathing of the two is an important way to play.

Im Seong-jae said,먹튀검증 “Maybe Mitchell will hit an odd number tomorrow, so I will hit more iron shots.”

Bae Sang-moon teamed up with Kang Seong-hoon to score 7 under par 65 (tied for 30th place), but Kim Si-woo and Kim Joo-hyung, who had high expectations, finished the first round with a 6 under par 66 (tied for 43rd place).

Ahn Byeong-hun and Kim Seong-hyun tied for 56th with a 5 under par 67 strokes. In this tournament, up to a tie for 33rd place after two rounds will advance to the finals.

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