List of 100 people subject to pardon released”…Gangwon fans criticize KFA surprise pardon 

Gangwon FC fans hung a hanging and criticized the Korea Football Association (KFA)’s surprise amnesty for 100 footballers.

Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC will face off in the 5th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 2nd.

Suwon is in last place with 1 draw and 3 points without a win, while Gangwon is also in 11th place with 2 points, 2 draws and 2 points without a win. 

Suwon’s defense consists of goalkeeper Yang Hyeong-mo, Park Dae-won, Bultuis, Go Myeong-seok, and Jang Ho-ik. Koh Seung-beom, Choi Seong-geun, and Basani take center stage in the midfield. In the forefront, Kim Kyung-joong, Ahn Byung-jun, and Kim Joo-chan are in sync.

In Gangwon, goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon, Kim Young-bin, Kim Woo-seok, and Yoon Seok-young build the back three. Jung Seung-yong and Yoo In-soo will serve as wingbacks, while Seo Min-woo and Han-young Han will guard the midfield. At the forefront, Park Sang-hyuk, Alibayev and Gallego aim to score.

In the midst of the players entering, in line with the kick-off, Gangwon fans put up a banner criticizing the 100-man amnesty, a soccer player who was punished by the KFA. 

Gangwon fans raised their voices against the association, such as “There is no future for an association that has forgotten manipulation” and “Reveal of the list of 100 people subject to pardon.” 

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association held the second board meeting in 2023 ahead of the match against Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and granted 100 disciplined soccer players a surprise pardon.

This included 48 soccer players who were punished with permanent expulsion for causing the K-League match-fixing incident in 2011, which shocked them. Here, the other 52 did not reveal what kind of disciplinary action they were, causing anger from many soccer fans. 

The Korea Football Association said, “Requests for mitigation of disciplinary actions have been continuously received from soccer players over the past several years. The purpose of this punishment is to give those subject to this punishment a chance to recover,” he explained, but the anger of soccer fans did not subside and only grew. 

Then, on the 31st, after three days, the KFA held a temporary board meeting and withdrew the pardon. The KFA said, “When dealing with disciplinary action for serious criminal acts such as match fixing, we should have thought more deeply and listened to opinions from all walks of life, but our thoughts were short and we lacked awareness.” I am very sorry for causing great confusion and concern.”

In addition, he admitted,스포츠토토 “I decided to pardon because I thought that I had paid some amount of the corresponding sin due to discipline for a long time, but this was a wrong decision that did not gain social sympathy.”

Meanwhile, Suwon Samsung fans are not cheering for the team’s sluggish performance over the past two seasons and dissatisfaction with the club’s management. Suwon fans also protested through the geolgae, saying, “The front desk, coaches, and players without ambition should leave immediately, and Suwon has always refused to be third-rate.” 

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