Manchester United’s 5th-highest transfer fee ever

What role will Rasmus Hörun play at Manchester United under Eric ten Haag?

On the 5th (Korean time), Manchester United officially announced the recruitment through the official website, saying, “We have signed a contract until June 2028. There is also a one-year extension clause.”

Manchester United general manager John Matou said: “Hörun’s talent is truly outstanding. He has the technical and physical ability to develop into one of the best players in the world at his age. “We will provide a development environment. We will ensure that everyone at the club also has the time and all the support he needs to unleash his enormous potential. Throughout the summer we acted quickly and decisively to secure key targets early in the transfer window.” “This will give Ten Haag and the coaching staff the best opportunity to prepare the squad for further success in the exciting campaign ahead.”

Manchester United needed a striker. Since the departure of veteran strikers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani, there has been a large gap in the front line. Aside from scoring power, the weight of the forefront was very low. There is no player to hold on in the center and there is no linkage, so the proportion of flank attacks has increased. As a result, simple attacks continued and reliance on Marcus Rashford increased.

Anthony Martial was still sluggish and Ut Behorst, signed in the winter transfer window, was just a stopgap. Behorst was not good at the front line, so he put Rashford in the center and used Behorst as a central midfielder. In a situation where the front line was disappointing, Rashford’s scoring power exploded, allowing Manchester United to finish third in the English Premier League (EPL) last season.

In the upcoming season, the competition will intensify. Chelsea, who suffered the worst sluggishness, wants a revival. Mauricio Pochettino was appointed as manager, and a lot of surplus resources were released and young ones were brought in. Players who have already been recruited are also predicting full-fledged activity after finishing adapting to the EPL. Liverpool, who failed to secure a top-four spot, are also struggling to plant. Fourth-placed Newcastle United likewise want to rank higher. Rivals Manchester City are still the strongest in the EPL, and Arsenal are also aiming for the championship.

In this situation, Man United strengthened their squad by bringing in Mason Mount and Andre Onana, but the striker was really in a hurry. Harry Kane was wanted, but suffered from fierce opposition from Tottenham Hotspur. Unable to focus only on Kane, Manchester United approached strikers in the transfer market, such as Doosan Blahovic and Randall Colo Muani, but negotiations did not progress.

Höilun entered the radar network. Hörun is a striker called Erling Holland of Denmark and was born in 2003. Although he is young, he has been consistently given opportunities at Atalanta. He scored 9 goals and 2 assists in 32 Italian Serie A matches last season, and his potential was recognized when he scored 6 goals in 4 A matches in Denmark. He is 191 cm tall, has excellent aerial competition ability, and is also highly regarded for his speed. That is why he is called the Holland of Denmark.

Atalanta demanded an exorbitant transfer fee, which Man United paid. The transfer fee was 75 million euros (approximately 108 billion won). It is a huge amount of money for a transfer fee for a player who was born in 2003 and showed little in the big leagues. Manchester United’s 5th-largest transfer fee ever. The same amount as Angel Di María, who came in 2014. Paul Pogba (105 million euros), Anthony (95 million euros), Harry Maguire (87 million euros), Jadon Sancho (85 million euros), Romelu Lukaku (84.7 million euros).메이저사이트

It is much higher than Casemiro (70.65 million euros) and Bruno Fernandez (65 million euros). It is an amount that exceeds the transfer fees of Mount (64.2 million euros) and Onana (52.5 million euros), which were the motives for the acquisition. That’s why Manchester United made a bold investment. Expectations are high, but there are also great concerns. Even though he was brought in with a long-term future in mind, the striker is a position that needs immediate action, so Hoi-run, who came with a huge transfer fee, will be burdened.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Compared to top-class strikers, his decision-making power is inferior, and his linkage ability is also lacking. His ability to press is excellent and he has a lot of activity, so even though he has a lot of influence, his ability to finish at the forefront is somewhat lacking. Even in competitive situations, it is necessary to develop and adapt to the EPL’s unique tempo. The ability of second-line resources such as Rashford, Sancho, Anthony, Bruno, and Mount must also be maximized. Ten Haag will want to create space and open up attack routes through a lot of activity.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the great club Manchester United since I was a kid, and I dreamed of playing at Old Trafford as a Manchester United player,” said Höilun, who is receiving a lot of attention from Manchester United fans. “I’m very excited to have the opportunity. I’m determined to repay the trust the club has shown me. It’s still early in my career, but I know I’m ready to take this step and play with a world-class squad.”

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