“Messi is always welcome”… the sincerity of Uruguay DF

 “Messi is always welcome”

The possibility of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker Lionel Messi (35, Argentina) returning to FC Barcelona is gradually increasing. Football fans around the world are paying attention to whether Messi, who has been with PSG for the past two years, will return to his hometown of Barcelona with the termination of his contract.

In the midst of this, Barcelona defender Ronald Arauho (24, Uruguay) recently expressed his willingness to welcome Messi if he returned. He said in an interview with ‘Sport 890’, “We don’t talk much (about Messi’s return), but Messi is always welcome here in Barcelona.” Many players welcomed Messi’s return.

Born in 1999, after growing up in the Barcelona youth team, Araujo, who made his professional debut by being called up to the first team in October 2020, ate together with Messi in the 2020/21 season. However, that season, Barcelona remained in third place in La Liga, behind Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.안전놀이터

However, this season is likely to win. Under the guidance of coach Xabi Hernández, with 85 points, they are far behind second-placed Real Madrid with 71 points. There are four games left, but unless there is an incident, Barcelona is highly likely to win.

He played 24 games in charge of the team’s central defense and showed solid defense. Barcelona have conceded just 13 runs from 34 games this season, boasting an astonishing figure of one goal per 3 games played this season. Araujo said: “We are like a family. The young players and the veterans all work together. It’s a very important part. Defensively we also had a great season. Considering we always conceded last season, only 13 goals this season. Conceding a goal is a great achievement.”

If Messi returns to Barcelona this summer, it seems that he will try to win two consecutive seasons with a perfect balance of offense and defense.

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