Miracom I&C with a firm mind and perseverance

He didn’t relax until the very end. He showed grit and perseverance, and had a firm mindset. Through this process, he became stronger and stronger without realizing it.

Miracom I&C teamed up with Ace Lim Jong-oh (20 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals, 2 3-point shots) in the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) 1st Group E qualifying round held at a gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 8th. Thanks to Jeon Byeong-gon (12 points), a master of mid-range shooting, and Lim Sang-dong (9 points, 7 rebounds), who kept the bottom of the net well, they overcame Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center A chaser by 54-43 and achieved a pleasant victory.

That there is a strong ace. The difference between having and having someone to trust made the difference between winning and losing. Lim Jong-oh showed his true self as an ace, and Nam Jae-hyun (3 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals), who joined the team, added stability to the operation. Hwang Gyeong-hwan (6 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals) and Jeon Byeong-gon supported Lee Ji-seok (4 points, 4 rebounds), Kim Shin-goo (4 rebounds), and Lee Gyeong-jun. Here, Lim Sang-dong added strength from the bottom of the goal and laid the cornerstone for victory.

Although Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center A failed to cross the 9th ridge line, it showed quite a different look from the last game. From the eldest brother Go Chun-sik (7 rebounds) to the youngest Lee Jung-hoon (9 points, 4 assists, 3 steals), all 12 players did not hesitate. Yoon Tae-won (12 points, 4 rebounds) spearheaded the attack, Lim Jae-sik (4 points, 5 rebounds), Kim Dong-wan, Hong Seong-woo (2 points, 4 rebounds), Kang Ji-hoon (6 rebounds) solidly under the goal, Kim Dong-wan and Baek Seung-gi (5 points, 4 rebounds). Rebound), Jung Hae-yang, and Chae Soo-hong crossed the inside and outside with Ahn Joon-young. Heo Young-won (7 points, 4 rebounds) took on the role of a leader, led the team, and all players showed their desire for victory until the end.

From the beginning, they exchanged each other repeatedly. Miracom I&C held the center well like Lim Jong-oh and Im Sang-dong, like tall zelkova trees. In particular, Im Sang-dong’s performance shone. He did not lose his strength against Lim Jae-shik, who had a physical advantage over him. I focused on the box-out, pushed it, and kicked the rebound. Here, the higher score than before is a bonus. Lim Jong-oh, Nam Jae-hyeon, and Hwang Gyeong-hwan moved in and out to press the opponent in Im Sang-dong’s performance.

Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center A also did not stand still. Taking advantage of the abundant number of people available, they pushed hard based on their strong stamina. Compared to Team B, which played earlier, it was inferior in detail, but based on tenacity that did not rest even an inch, it seemed to minimize the conceded points. Lim Jae-sik, Kim Dong-wan, from under the goal, and Heo Young-won put in a middle shot to boost morale.

It was the same in the second quarter. Instead of giving Lim Jong-oh a break, Miracom I&C put in Jeon Byung-gon to strengthen the offensive power near the mid-range. Jeon Byung-gon scored 8 points in the second quarter alone, matching the expectations of his teammates and making a series of middle shots. Kim Shin-gu and Lee Ji-seok added strength from the bottom of the goal with Lim Sang-dong, and Nam Jae-hyun supported them. 

Hyundai Motor Company’s Namyang R&D Center A also responded head-on to the opponent’s offensive. With Go Chun-sik at the head, Yoon Tae-won, Baek Seung-gi, and Kang Ji-hoon came forward. He did not hesitate to do dirty work, such as recklessly pushing and scoring, and removing rebounds. Undoubtedly, Go Chun-sik’s performance shone. He sprinted for the ball and energized his teammates by doing his best on defense. A neat manner is a bonus. The appearance of the senior staff showed that the juniors were also more mentally armed.

In the second half, they repeated exchanges with each other. Miracom I&C shook the opponent’s defense with Lim Jong-oh stirring inside and outside. Lim Jong-oh’s performance helped Lim Jong-oh by scoring with Jeon Byung-gon in the midrange and Nam Jae-hyun with a breakthrough. Im Sang-dong and Lee Ji-seok, along with Hwang Kyung-hwan, firmly protected the bottom of the goal and added strength to their teammates.

Hyundai Motor Company Namyang R&D Center A put Ahn Joon-young in charge of the game operation along with Lee Jung-hoon. Unlike before, Ahn Joon-young did not score, but he made up for the sluggishness in the attack by leading the pressure. Jeong Hae-yang and Heo Young-won from the outskirts, Baek Seung-gi, Lim Jae-sik, and Yoon Tae-won persistently dug into the bottom of the goal and scored.

It was the same in the 4th quarter. Miracom I&C shook the defense of Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center A without hesitation with Lim Jong-oh, Hwang Gyeong-hwan, and Lim Sang-dong. In Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center A, Lee Jeong-hoon, Yoon Tae-won, and Ahn Jun-yeong scored, and Go Chun-sik kicked off an offensive rebound, giving his teammates a chance to score.

In the midst of this, Miracom I&C took the win from the middle of the 4th quarter. Lim Jong-oh came out. Actively tried to break through and shook the opponent’s defense. In the case of Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center A, Ahn Joon-young and Lee Jung-hoon threw a series of shots, but they all missed the rim. Miracom I&C actually put a wedge in the game with Hwang Gyeong-hwan scoring and Lim Jong-oh scoring a 3-pointer in the second half of the 4th quarter.

On the other hand, EVISU SOPRTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP in this match included a 3-point shot that decided the victory, recorded 20 points, 6 rebounds and 6 steals, showing pride as an ace representing the team, Lim Jong-oh of Miracom INC. has been selected He said, “Since I have been unable to do activities due to the corona, it seems inevitable that my skills will drop. Since the competition is being held this year, I have no choice but to exercise accordingly. He said, “It is encouraging that the attack routes have diversified. The team members are training separately, and thanks to the effect, I don’t have to be greedy for scoring. In particular, thanks to Im Sang-dong’s ability to score well under the goal and to actively step forward in difficult situations, there was a good result because the opponent was able to fight well even though he did well,” he said to his teammates.

Miracom I&C seemed to be trying to minimize the number of runs by changing the defense to man-to-man in the second half, but the organization was shaken so they allowed the chase. In response, “Because it is a team of office workers, there is not much time to fit through training. At least we get together once a week and do it regularly, but we’re not ready yet. I am busy to show better defense, but I need to take time to prepare.”

Although he scored 20 points that day, it was far from the performance he showed 3-4 years ago. If I had only shown myself back then, I wouldn’t have made it difficult. He said, “Since Corona, I have hardly touched a basketball. Just because he worked hard on weight training and his weight went back and forth… . Since he hadn’t touched the ball in a long time, he couldn’t properly control the ball or control his strength when throwing a shot. It’s difficult now because it’s a diet period, but as time goes by, I think the athletic ability he showed before will come back.”

Most of all, the physical ups and downs must have been severe. He said, “It is really difficult. At least I’m the youngest among the team members,온라인카지노 but it seems like I can’t help it. My brothers are also struggling physically. I will jump one step further and make up for it,” he said.

Miracom I&C engraved the adage, ‘Well begun is half done’ by achieving a pleasant victory on this day. He said, “When he first participated in the competition after joining the company, his goal was to win at least once. We advanced to the semifinals in other competitions held earlier, and many young players came in, such as Nam Jae-hyun, and our strength was strengthened well.” told

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