MLB also ‘Wild Wild West’… AL and NL all confused

In the 2022-2023 NBA Western Conference, the 5th to 8th places were decided on the last day of the regular league.

This season, the American professional baseball Major League (MLB) Western Division has been in a state of confusion since the beginning of the season.

In the case of the National League (NL), the difference between 1st and 3rd place is only 0.5. The Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers are tied for first place with 8 wins and 7 losses, respectively. Third place is the San Diego Padres with 8 wins and 8 losses.

The Dodgers won 111 games last season, but this year is off to a bad start.

The American League (AL) is more confusing. The difference between the 1st place Texas Rangers and 4th place Houston Astros is only 1.5.

In other districts, it seems that the top team is going out.

In the case of the NL East,스포츠토토 the Atlanta Braves are running away from the beginning with an 11-4 record, and the Milwaukee Brewers in the Central Division also have 10 wins in 15 games.

In the AL East Division, the Tampa Bay Rays, who have won 13 straight wins since the opening, are leading the way.

In the Central Division, the Minnesota Twins recorded the 10th win.

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