MLB average game time – beer sales time ↑… Milwaukee, etc. “Extended sales to 8 episodes”

A survey result showed that as the playing time of Major League Baseball, which introduced the ‘pitch clock’, decreased significantly, the time spent selling beer also increased.

The Associated Press reported on the morning of the 13th (Korean time) that at least four teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers, have extended beer sales to eight episodes this season.

Most major league clubs only sold beer until the 7th inning. Each club only sold beer until the 7th inning so that fans who drove cars rather than public transportation could return home safely after the game.

However, due to the influence of the pitch clock, which was implemented to reduce the game time by promoting pitching by pitchers,온라인카지노 the game time was reduced by an average of 31 minutes, and many clubs, including Arizona, decided to extend the game to 8 innings considering the income from beer sales.

An official from the Milwaukee club, which is related to Wisconsin, the home of American beer production, said, “It is a kind of experiment to increase the beer sales deadline.

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