Napoli in crisis of ‘strike line injury’, Osimen returns to training for a quick return

With Napoli facing the biggest crisis since the start of the season with a striker line injury, Victor Osimen is taking the lead in a quick comeback.

Napoli have few injuries, but they are having difficulty organizing their power as they focus on the striker position. Osimen, considered one of the best strikers in Italy’s Serie A this season, returned from the Nigerian national team after suffering an injury. The match against AC Milan on the 3rd (Korean time), played without Osimen, suffered a 0-4 defeat. Giovanni Simeone and Giacomo Raspadori still remain, but even Simeone, who was substituted in the match against Lecce on the 8th, suffered a muscle injury during the game. Raspadori is out of touch with the game.

In Serie A, they are soloing with 18 points, so even if one or two starters are missing, there is no problem in winning the championship. The problem is the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL). On the 13th and 19th, we will play the first and second legs of the quarterfinals against Milan. If they fail to display their normal offensive power in the two games, the possibility of a repeat of the 0-4 disaster cannot be ruled out.

In response, Osimen stepped in. Osimen released a picture of himself on the field wearing soccer boots through social media (SNS) Instagram. According to ‘Sky Sports Italia’, this is a picture uploaded while working out alone at the Naples training ground. It is unclear whether Osimen will participate in the UCL quarterfinals. He was engaged in personal training to push the return date even a little bit. On the 8th local time, he ran on a treadmill at an indoor training ground to check his condition, and on the 9th he went out on the grass.

The 9th was Easter. Easter, the biggest Christian holiday, is the most important holiday in Western countries. Easter is especially important in Italy, which is a Catholic country. In order not to schedule a football game on Sunday, Easter, league matches were played from Friday, the 7th, and all players were given a vacation. Watching Osimen train even on Easter is something that will leave a big impression on the Italians.

However, despite these efforts,온라인바카라 it is unlikely that Osimen will appear in normal condition in the first leg of the quarterfinals. The first leg will be held at Milan’s home. From Napoli’s point of view, the focus should be on holding on well in the first leg, and expect Osimen to return and lead the attack in the second leg.

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